The Spickler Ranch out of Glenfield, ND hosted their annual spring production sale on Monday. On the sale were bulls sired by three SS bulls which were 7AN340 Summit, 7AN350 Confidence, and 7AN384 Courage. All three of which sold exceptionally well from start to finish.

The high selling bull on the sale was Lot 22 for $80,000 sired by Summit

Summit sons high prices;
Lot 3-$40,000
Lot 15- $11,000
Lot 17- $8,500
Lot 33- $7,000
Lot 48- $8,500



Confidence sons high prices;
Lot 1-$30,000
Lot 18- $8,000
Lot 28- $9,500
Lot 29- $6,500
Lot 34- $8,000





Courage sons high prices;
Lot 4- $37,000
Lot 11- $10,500
Lot 23- $11,000
Lot 61- $13,500
Lot 84- 8,000





These are just some of the prices of sons of those three sires. The sale itself averaged just north of $7,500. Overall was a very good day for the Spickler’s and for Select Sires.

Dan Donnelly Beef Business Manager
Minnesota Select Sires Coop, Inc.

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