Bull sale season is in full swing in All West Territory! Below, we are highlighting our member-owners and customers who are supplying the best in the west and selling their bulls to sire the next generation of genetics. We are excited about moisture on the West Coast and the prospect of green pasture this spring and wish you, our valued customers, the very best in this new year.

January 29, 2022- Red Bluff Bull Sale Highlights

Bar KD Ranch consignment includes bulls sired by 7AN521 BLUEPRINT, 7AN531 ENTICE, 7AN451 FLAT TOP, 7AN528 GROWTH FUND, 14AN502 TAHOE and 7AN464 UNIQUE

Diamond S Angus includes bulls sired by 7AN466 RAINFALL

Hinton Ranch Simmental  includes a bull sired by 7AN443 BRONC

PMK Angus includes a bull sired by 7AN466 RAINFALL

Sunbright Angus Ranch includes a bull sired by 7AN528 GROWTH FUND

TJ Stroing Cattle includes a bull sired by Connealy Combination

Hinton Ranch includes a bull sired by Big Timber


January 29, 2022- Bobcat Angus selling sons of 7AN511 SPUR


February 3-6, 2022- Klamath Bull Sale

A D Ranch includes bulls sired by 7AN473 LEGENDARY

CWT Angus includes a bull sired by 14AN461 ACCLAIM

Hinton Cattle Company includes a bull sired by 7AN528 GROWTH FUND

Kelly Keep includes a bull sired by 7AN426 CONVERSATION

Rock Creek Livestock includes a bull sired by 7AN451 FLAT TOP, 7AN389 SURE FIRE and 7AN464 UNIQUE

Sweat Cattle Ranch includes a bull sired by Chisum 255


February 9, 2022- Meadow Acres Angus Ranch is highlighting 7AN466 RAINFALL sons


February 11, 2022- Dutch Flats is selling sons of 14SM3101 FULLY LOADED, Hooks Bozeman and 7AN466 RAINFALL


February 12, 2022- EZ Angus is highlighting a 7AN528 GROWTH FUND son


February 15, 2022- Kessler Angus is selling sons by 14AN461 ACCLAIM, 14AN502 TAHOE and 7AN419 REMEDY


February 19, 2022- Angus Alliance is selling sons by 14AN461 ACCLAIM and 7AN511 SPUR


February 21, 2022- Teixeira Cattle Co. is selling sons of 7AN463 PLAYBOOK, 7AN466 RAINFALL, 7AN550 KNOW HOW and 14AN502 TAHOE


February 22, 2022- Thomas Angus Ranch


February 23, 2022- Price Cattle is featuring sons of 14AN502 TAHOE and 7AN466 RAINFALL


February 24, 2022- Botts Angus Ranch is selling sons of 7AN521 BLUEPRINT


February 26, 2022- Baker Angus will sell sons of 7AN388 NIAGARA


February 27, 2022- Buchanan Angus is selling sons of 14AN461 ACCLAIM and 14AN502 TAHOE


March 4, 2022- Crouthamel Cattle will sell sons of 14AN502 TAHOE and 7AN432 BANKROLL


March 11, 2022- Rollin’ Rock sells the first sons of 7AN617 ENDEAVOR and sons of 7AN521 BLUEPRINT and 7AN550 KNOW HOW


March 12, 2022- Rock’D Angus will feature Select Sires in lot for sale from 7AN466 RAINFALL and others


March 16, 2022- Western Breeders sale is selling a few of the first sons of 7AN580 HOME TOWN and sons of 7AN521 BLUEPRINT, 14AN461 ACCLAIM, 7AN531 ENTICE, 7AN443 BRONC, 7AN463 PLAYBOOK and 7AN466 RAINFALL. Plus a Simmental bull sired by 14SM3101 FULLY LOADED, a Red Angus by 14AR2073 SPARTACUS


March 26, 2022- Basin Bull Fest will sell sons of 14AN502 TAHOE and 7AN521 BLUEPRINT

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