Karen A. Wheatley Director of Marketing & Communications, All West/Select Sires


When I was growing up, we spent a few weekends each summer (as fairs and crops permitted) going to the beach in Delaware.  Every time we drove there, we passed by a little town called Bridgeville that has the most unique welcome sign I’ve ever read.  “If you lived here, you would be home now.”  As time went on and I graduated from the University of Delaware and started my first job with Perdue Farms, I lived near Bridgeville, and that welcome sign became less of a novelty and more of a nuisance.  I mean really…don’t you just want to say “Duh?  Of course you’re home now.”  I never got the play on words until I got older.  One thing is for sure.  Nearly everyone in this part of the world not only knows about Bridgeville, but will recite the “If you lived here, you would be home now” phrase and ultimately that’s a genius marketing move.


What’s the big lesson learned here?  Sometimes stating the obvious is best.  Sometimes foregoing all the hoopla is better in the long-run and simply stating what you do, who you are, or what your current status is.  So it goes for All West/Select Sires too.  We’ve had a really exciting 12 months in the industry, partnering with the Accelerated Genetics line-up, having an outstanding year of sales, welcoming the new ProfitMax and genetic audit programs, and seeing the creation of the Optimal Genetic Pathways (OGP) program in our own backyard.  We’ve had updates to the SMS and SRS programs.  We’ve graduated more technicians through our All West ProTECH program.  And we’ve developed this DiamondCuts e-newsletter into a monthly publication.


All AWESOME stuff.  Truly.  But what’s the obvious thing that keeps us all going and energized and motivated to be working with you on your dairies and ranches?


We’ve got the bull power.

It seems like such an obvious statement that it’s almost boring.  Yup, we have all these bulls, but look at these programs (!) and look at our people (!) and try our new product line (!).


We wouldn’t have any of it without the bull power.

We are tremendously grateful to be in such a strong industry position with foundational bulls like MOGUL and PLANET and SUPERSIRE, and newer “old timers” like DEMPSEY, HEADLINER, BREWMASTER, BELAIR, GAMBLER and of course BOB.


We’re loaded with high TPI, high production, high components, high health traits, high fertility, high type….it’s exciting and humbling at the same time.  And next week we look to graduate some of our genomic young bulls who have already made a strong impression on you!  Bulls like HANG-TIME, FERDINAND, FRANCHISE and DAYBREAK are sure to make the news next week as they hopefully join the proven ranks.


We haven’t even talked about the Jersey Revolution yet with the CHROME, DISCO, LEMONHEAD, and AVON daughters making room for the KLAY and STEPH offspring of the future!


For over 75 years, All West has been providing its member/owners with the kinds of bulls that will help them be more profitable.  We’ve had the luxury of being able to provide a “sire for every desire” and that’s definitely helped strengthen the bond we have with all of you.


We’re not trying to brag by any means, but man is it exciting when we have such powerful new sires enter the lineup on proof day!  We’re like little kids on Christmas morning when we see the numbers for the first time.


We’re committed to providing you with a bull lineup that has variety, depth, balance and power.  We have the ability to put all those choices into one proof & price list every four months, ultimately giving you the deciding hand in how you want to breed for profitability.


Maybe we need to make our own welcome sign?

If you selected bulls here, you’d be jumping for joy now!

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