Herby Lutz, Dairy Sire Analyst- Select Sires Inc.

Hello all and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  The Jersey Revolution continues to grow and sales through the first 10 months of 2016 are on record pace for both Select Sires and All West.  A fun fact is All West is leading the federation in the percentage of young sire sales versus proven bulls!  We appreciate everyone’s dedication to the little brown cow and we plan to continue to provide the genetics that are in demand.

I would like to bring a little focus to a few proven bulls that continue to get rave reviews from most everyone who has evaluated their daughters.  The 7JE1219 OLIVER-P daughters continue to be the ones that stand out in all herd sizes and all types of management.  OLIVER-P is the balanced superstar that spells consistency and profitability with the Select Sires trademark of incredible udders!  The second lactation cows are starting to calve and reports are only getting better!  Please use this polled Valentino son with confidence to make the kind that will satisfy most everyone!

August graduate 7JE1251 METALICA continues to add daughters that are creating a buzz as two of his first crop daughters were exhibited at the All American Jersey Show (in Louisville, KY) and both were in the top 10 in one of the largest classes of the day, the Senior Yearling in Milk class.  One member of this outstanding METALICA duo actually won the Senior Yearling in Milk class in the Junior Show.  The daughters are not huge like you would expect a show cow to be, but are super balanced with awesome udders and a flat dairy rib.

7JE1221 PHAROAH continues to add daughters that are extreme dairy strength cows with beautiful udders.  I had the pleasure of seeing his dam in the Ahlem herd just a month ago, and she is still a beautiful, open-ribbed, dairy cow with a fantastic udder.  PHAROAH daughters are following suite as customer satisfaction stars!
I’d like to mention a few of the new young bulls that I’m seeing, as well as share feedback from the field through our talented SMS people.

7JE1294 BARNABAS is the talk of the industry and the first 20 I have seen have been the right kind with beautiful udders, open ribs, and incredible feet and legs!


The first 7JE1354 TEXAS daughters are fresh and WOW what udders!  The reports are they are not big, but very correct, and that’s what I’m seeing as well.  However, I doubt he has enough data to graduate this time.

A couple other bulls that are starting to pop up with nice reviews are 7JE1335 JORDACHE and 7JE1275 DEMAND.  JORDACHE has the udders you would expect from a bull with over 20 GJUI, but time will tell if they are wet enough.  DEMAND is just the opposite, as everyone is raving about how wet they are but we need to get type data to see if he will graduate.

Let me know if I can answer any questions and please do not hesitate to contact me at any time so we can continue to grow the Jersey Revolution!


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