Hello all and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  The Jersey Revolution continues to grow and sales through 10 months are on record pace for both Select Sires and All West!  We appreciate everyone’s dedication to the little brown cow and we plan to continue to provide the genetics that are in demand.

I would like to bring a little focus to a few proven bulls that continue to get rave reviews from most everyone who has evaluated the daughters.  The rock star of the proven lineup is 7JE5004 CHROME and everyone is loving their daughters!  I have seen several fresh on their second lactation and they are Awesome!  I fully expect the Excellent daughters to roll in now that they are eligible to score that high!

7JE5004 CHROME Jer-Z-Boyz Chrome Damsel 52374 (VG-85%) Jer-Z-Boyz, Pixley, CA

7JE5004 CHROME Paullyn Chrome Promise (VG-86%) Paullyn Farms, Ayton, ON, Canada

7JE1219 OLIVER-P continues to provide the customer satisfaction kind and make the ones that are trouble-free, profitable cows.

7JE1219 OLIVER-P Covington Oliver Maid-P (E-93%) Covington Jerseys & Covington, Leon, IA


7JE1219 OLIVER-P Edan Oliver Foxtrot-PP (E-90%) Corrina A Aldrich, Salem, NY

14JE670 LEMONHEAD continues to make strong, high-testing, pleasing daughters.  The first few I have seen fresh on their second lactation are developing well.

14JE670 LEMONHEAD Ahlem Lemonhead Praise 48490 (VG-83%) Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, CA


14JE670 LEMONHEAD Evangelo Lemonhead Shelly 1607 Evangelo Jerseys, Kingsburg, CA

Both 14JE652 JX MARLO {2} and 14JE648 JX LEONEL {3} are providing daughters that dairymen admire for their profitability and overall pleasing type and udders.

14JE652 JX MARLO {2} Aardema 54461-Grade De Groot Dairy Farms, Hanford, CA


14JE652 JX MARLO {2} JX Faria Brothers Marlo 264790 {3} (VG-85%) Faria Brothers Dairies, Dumas, TX


14JE648 JX LEONEL {3} JX Dupat Leonel 15192 {4} (VG-85%) Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc., Hilmar, CA


14JE648 JX LEONEL {3} JX Cal-Mart Leonel Sadie 7863 {4} Martin Dairy LLC, Tillamook, OR


7JE1088 COLTON had a big day at the All-American Jersey Show with a daughter being named National Grand Champion as well as Premier Sire of the All American.  His daughters continue to have welded-on udders with style to win on the colored shavings.

7JE1088 COLTON Hirds Colton Dream (E-94%) 2018 All American Lifetime Cheese Production Class & 2018 National Grand Champion & Reserve Premier Performance Cow Keightley-Core and Borba, Salvisa, KY

7JE1088 COLTON Bolle-Acres Coltons Angel (E-94%) Res. Grand KY State Fair, 2017 Max, Carrie Jo, D Bollenbacher, Argos, IN


7JE1088 COLTON Family Hill Colton Nova (E-90%) 7th Milking Yearling WDE, 2015 Aaron Lancaster, Ferndale, WA

We continue to have some great young sires that are making calves dairymen are really liking and continuing to use like 7JE1528 DISCO whose daughters have the strength the breed demands today and 14JE725 CASINO whose calves have started to be seen on the colored shavings.  7JE1484 PERRY is making moderate size cows that sure look like they will be stars in production.

We have had several newer young sires released since our last report and the sire department is very excited about some of these.  Make sure you take the time to look at 507JE1617 JX KIAWA {6}-P-ET a Baltazar polled son that ranks well and early reports show that he’s extremely fertile; 7JE1724 JX BENELLI {6}-ET a Disco son; 7JE1620  JX ALBION {3} an Avon son; and 250JE1687 FARMFEST, another Disco son.  These are a few you’ll want to look into as solid options that will be sire fathers in the future.

Make sure you look at all the new graduates and exciting young bulls which have been used as sire fathers that will be available in December and January in all product lines.

Let me know if I can answer any questions and please do not hesitate to contact me at any time so we can continue to grow the Jersey Revolution!


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