“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

This is just one of the wise phrases often shared by All West ProTECH Training Program instructor, Harry Anderson. Harry has been an Agent Representative for All West/Select Sires for over 36 years after officially joining the All West Family in 1985, however his experience in the A.I. industry began at his birth!

My dad started an A.I. business, Anderson Breeding Service, in 1951, the year I was born, and I continued to operate it 70 years later. I managed the business on my own for 47 years. My main goal was always taking care of the customers so that they could reach their maximum reproductive herd efficiency.  If they are successful, then so am I.”

Harry was not only successful himself, but he was passionate about sharing his secrets to success with others, especially the All West Professional A.I. Technician Team. Five years ago, Harry and All West California Director of Sales, Greg Collins, developed the All West ProTECH Training Program. This unique, intense, hands-on training enables technicians to understand the real reason behind reproductive inefficiencies in a herd, and also equips them with the knowledge and skill they need to evaluate and make breeding decisions that they may not have considered before.  Harry often referred to this training program as “BTC University” or “Behind-The-Cow-University” and his students all valued their time spent learning from one of the best.

What we’re teaching in the ProTECH program isn’t any earth shattering, secret news, but rather intense practices to dial-in on precision, consider the longer-range effects of reproductive health, and learn ways to up their game in terms of personal development. There’s no other training at this level in the industry, and we’re pretty excited about the results we’ve seen from it!”

You can learn more about the All West PROTECH program from Harry here.

Harry is officially retiring from the business on June 30, 2021, however his business and service to his customers will remain constant with the help of Tony Zuniga of Patterson, CA and Mike Martins of Modesto, CA. The duo will continue to service Harry’s customer’s herds and those in the surrounding area of Modesto, California with the skill and precision that Harry trained them to provide.

Tony first learned how to breed cows while working on a dairy in Patterson, CA. However, it was when he started working with Harry, nearly 16 years ago, that his skills really improved.

“I really enjoyed breeding cows with Harry,” said Tony. “He is really passionate and knowledgeable. Everything he speaks is pure wisdom. He always reminded me to do my best and do what is right and that has gotten me far in my career. I would not be where I am today without him.”

Both Tony and Mike are looking forward to continuing to service Harry’s customers in their own business ventures that Harry so graciously prepared them for, while Harry is very content to see his customer’s success become the passion of these gentlemen.

Anderson Breeding Service’s famous “Have You Hugged Your Breeder Today?” bumper sticker on Harry’s truck.

We will certainly miss Harry’s ever-present smile and passion for excellence, but we are certain his legacy will live on in the many team members he has taught valuable skills to. Best wishes to Tony and Mike as they continue to provide value-added services to All West/Select Sires customers!




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