7HO10848 Welcome Grafeeti Pheebs (VG-87)

Top-10 GTPISM sire, 7HO10848 Ladys-Manor Rd GRAFEETI-ET(+2226 GTPI) and popular Showcase Selections™ sire, 7HO10999 Regancrest-GV S BRADNICK-ET (EX-94) (+3.89 PTAT) lead the Select Sires graduating class this proof run. This class of new release sires offers a wide variety of pedigrees and specialties for operations of all types and sizes.

Elite FeedPRO® sires

GRAFEETI debuts in the active lineup as a high reliability sire with outstanding Net Merit (NM$) (+697) and Cheese Merit (CM$) (+774) with outstanding Type (+2.53). His daughters produce excellent components (+.19% Fat, +71 Fat, +.05% Protein) and are moderate in stature with exceptional udders (+2.75 Udder Composite) and feet and legs (+2.56 Feet and Leg Composite). His low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.70) and high Productive Life (PL) (+4.8) and positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) earn him the HealthMark™ designation. With over 4,000 observations, GRAFEETI is a Calving Ease sire (7.1%DBH).

7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) son, 7HO10937 King-Emerling FUTURE-ET (VG-88) graduates at +2148 GTPI and +669 NM$. His daughters fill the tank with Milk (+1,839M) and components (+131 Combined Fat and Protein) and are long-living (+5.1 PL) cows with high, wide rear udder attachments and deep clefts.

New graduate, 7HO10970 End-Road Planet BRICK-ET (VG-85) is from the same family as lineup sire 7HO10277 End-Road Bolton BRANCH-ET (EX-94). BRICK transmits exceptional production and component yields (+1,801M, +110 CFP). His daughters are medium-sized, open, dairy cows with plenty of rump width and well−attached udders. At 7.3%DBH, BRICK is a Calving Ease sire.

7HO10884 De-Su AVERY 643-ET (VG-87) joins his maternal brothers 7HO10272 De-Su FORK-ET (EX-92) and 7HO10723 De-Su 527 SPUR-ET (EX-92) in the active lineup. A 7HO8221 Golden-Oaks St ALEXANDER-ET (EX-94) son, he is a highly reliable graduate that transmits solid Type (+2.20), outstanding feet and legs (+2.56 FLC) and longevity (+3.2 PL). AVERY daughters are moderate in stature, track straight and have shallow udders with tight udder attachments. He is a Calving Ease (5.5%DBH) specialist and DIAMOND SELECTion™ sire.

Outcross genetics

7HO10947 Leaninghouse Inspect 847 (GP-81)

A Dotson son from a Very Good (88) Airraid dam, 7HO10947 Clear-Echo Dotson INSPECT joins the lineup at +2113 GTPI. His daughters standout for their conformation (+2.35 PTAT, +2.78 FLC, +2.18 UDC) and for their Fat production (+.13%F, +65F). INSPECT’s outstanding DPR (+1.9), PL (+3.4) and SCS (2.81) earn him the HealthMark designation while his low 6.8%DBH makes him a Calving Ease sire.

With a pedigree stack of Burt x 9HO2575 Peckenstein Form BRET-ET (EX-94) x Lynch, 7HO10895 Pine-Tree Burt BANCO-ET (VG-87) is a great mating for today’s popular bloodlines. He is a HealthMark specialist (2.56 SCS, +2.8 PL) and FeedPRO sire that ranks well for GTPI (+2083), NM$ (+610), CM$ (+702) and CFP (+112). BANCO daughters are medium−sized with outstanding feet and legs (+2.41 FLC).

7HO10976 Paradise-R Dorne DRAPER (VG-87) is a Dorne son from a Very Good (85) Burt daughter. A FeedPRO sire, he transmits production (+1,053M), Fat (+.11%F, +68F), low SCS (2.76) and sound Type (+2.22). His daughters are open and dairy with wide rumps, shallow udders, high and wide rear udders and central teat placement.

Trio of SANCHEZ sons enter lineup

A popular Super Sampler™ and Showcase Selections sire, BRADNICK is a highly reliable Type sire at +3.89 PTAT, +3.30 UDC and +3.30 FLC. His daughters are tall, open, strong, deep and wide so it is no surprise they perform in the showring. BRADNICK transmits excellent production (+1,307M) and with a Sire Conception Rate (SCR) of +3.0 he can create a high number of pregnancies.

7HO10796 Fir-Ridge Shaman Myra 7521 (GP-81)

At +3.54 PTAT, 7HO10796 Twin-Crik Schez SHAMAN-ET follows in his father’s footsteps. His daughters are tall, open, strong and deep with outstanding udders (+2.48). SHAMAN, a DIAMOND SELECTion sire, transmits positive components (+.08%F, +.04%P) and longevity (+2.6 PL).

7HO10998 Pine-Shelter Cesar SAN-ET (EX-91) is a grandson of World Dairy Expo grand champion, Pine-Shelter Cheyenne (EX-95-3E-EX-MS-DOM). A feet and leg improver (+2.69 FLC), he also increases production (+1,049M) and components (+.01%F, +.03%P). SAN is a HealthMark sire (+2.9 PL, 2.95 SCS) and a Superior Settler™ (+3.0 SCR).

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