Select Sires’ Jersey Sire Analyst, Herby Lutz, has been on the road quite a bit this season, and throughout his travels, he’s seen many impressive Jersey cows…particularly from the 7 and 14 stud codes!  Here’s a sample of what he’s come across!


Hello everyone – hope you’re all enjoying a great summer!  Thanks for taking a minute to read about the exciting Jersey bulls earning top customer-satisfaction stars for our member-owners.


Covington OLIVER Maid-P (E-91%)


Covington Jerseys and Hannah & Titus Covington, Leon, IAWe continue to see and hear of the tremendous daughters of 7JE1219 Oliver-P shining across the country.  His ability to not miss on the type side and make the profitable, long-lasting kind are evident everywhere!  He’s the ‘it’ bulls these days, being the go-to sire for all discriminating breeders!


In April, we graduated some new bulls in the lineup, including 7JE1335 Jordache, who continues to make the great, shallow udders with high test that genomics promised he would provide, while 7JE1354 Texas continues to shine as a JUI and customer satisfaction star.  Texas continues to moderate stature, which some customers feel is a concern recently, while also delivering on the balanced, super correct udders you would expect from his deep maternal line.

A new star that we hope to have some new pictures of daughters for August proof release is 7JE1331 Varick.  We saw some awesome daughters in All West territory last week and I must say we have not seen the huge stature that his bar chart expresses, but a more moderate size with deep, open rib, great feet & legs and shallow, well-attached udders!  The Varick daughters are truly outliers for production and breeders are reporting extreme pleasure with their yield deviations in the young sire daughters.   Make sure to look at him after August proofs to use on all the Violet blood that is in the breed today.   There’s one bull that I’ve got to put a special spotlight on because I’ve been very impressed with the size and vigor of the first calves I’ve seen, and that bull is 7JE1528 Disco.  From my own personal observations, as well as field reports I’ve gotten from breeders, daughters are tall, long, strong and really aggressive.


Bellaska MATT Fantasy (V-86%)
Ferme Bellaska Jersey, La Durantaye, QC

Make sure to look for 7JE1344 Matt’s data on proof day, as I feel he could be a customer satisfaction star as his daughters follow the trend of super correct functional cows that breeders really like to milk every day.  I saw his dam again last week and now in her 5th lactation, she continues be that trouble-free kind that just keeps going and doesn’t change!


I have also had the chance recently to see some daughters of bulls from our new partner, Accelerated Genetics, and I believe some of these bulls will have nice days when proofs are released in August.


14JE648 JX-Leonel {3} daughters have width throughout, and are square cows with shallow udders.  They do seem to have high rear udders with super-strong fore udder attachments and dairymen are pleased with their yields.


14JE652 JX-Marlo{2} daughters have been praised by breeders for how they test and have been more moderate-sized, young cows that have extremely shallow udders.  Marlo{2} seems to be a natural fit for those News and Valentino daughters that need a boost in components.


14JE673 JX-Avon{2} I have only seen a few and they have been tall, long, dairy cows with high rear udders.  The udders are shallow but I doubt he can continue to be over 4 shallow on udder depth, but they are not what I would call ‘deep.’


I can’t wait to see some fresh 14JE670 Lemonhead daughters!  I saw a few that were real close to calving and they have me excited for the future.


As with any of these Accelerated Genetics’ Jersey bulls, please contact your designated Accelerated representative in All West territory, and if you’re not sure who that is, please contact the main office (800.426.2697).

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