California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) recently reviewed and approved Tri-Start Jr+ Paste for use by CCOF clients. This premium quality calf paste, now with GREEN COLOR TRACEABLITY, is available to you! As a CCOF client, in advance to using Tri-Start Jr+ Paste, you can simply use your organization’s online submission request form, or contact them via phone, email or fax to add this product to your operation’s portfolio.

Not a CCOF client, or you don’t reside in California; however, you are an organic producer interested in using Tri-Start Jr+ Paste? No problem. Simply request that we send you a copy of the Tri-Start Jr+ label. You then submit the label to your local certifier and provide the contact information listed below for Jill Strangstalien. She is happy to follow through supplying your certifier with all additional information necessary for the review process and will share the results with you when complete. Note: We cannot approach your certifier directly to review a product for approval. You must initiate the process by submitting a label and indicating desire to use a product.

CCOF in California also approved the Tri-Start bolus and Bovine Accellyte II for organic use by their clients! The same procedure as reflected above applies for approval and use of these products.

These are both exciting new opportunities for organic herds in All West Territory!

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Colostrum Management + Tri-Start Jr+ – A PERFECT COMBINATION
By Jill Strangstalien

Always focused on herd replacements, dairies have long been conscious of providing exceptional calf care.  As these same dairies are now incorporating BeefxDairy programs, elite calf care protocols remain vital for calves moving through the supply chain.  Growth rate and nutrient intake before weaning play a significant role later in life. Calves are born under tremendous pathogenic exposure and the first weeks of life are critical. Health challenges during this phase have a detrimental effect on nutrient absorption and calf growth short and long term, including adult animal/feedlot performance. Mortality rates, weight gain and growth during the rearing period are the most important matters when it comes to calf-rearing performance.

To begin, feeding the proper quantity and quality of colostrum with the first 4-6 hours of life, especially via a colostrum replacer or supplement like First Day Formula®, supplies the concentration of IgGs needed to help achieve successful transfer of immunity to the calf. Calves are born with a “naïve” gastrointestinal tract (GIT or “gut”) free of pathogens; however, right after birth, calves face an environment full of infectious agents. The calf’s gut starts out as a clean slate that will eventually be populated with pathogens from its surroundings if we do nothing to interfere with that onslaught. Populating the calf’s GIT with beneficial microorganisms is key.  Providing direct-Fed microbials helps to protect the calf against bad pathogens by producing natural antibiotic-like (bacteriocins), stimulating the immune system, and enhancing nutrient absorption, while providing a solid start and rapid growth for the newborn calf. The GI tract is the most extensive interface between the external environment and the largest residence of immune cells in the body; it also acts as a physical and immune barrier to pathogens. Inoculating the calf’s gut with beneficial/commensal stable microbial populations will translate into better immune status, digestion, and absorption of nutrients. Coated short-chain fatty acids (C-SCF), Egg yolk antibodies (IgY – ImmunoGlobulins in Yolk”), and Mannan-Oligosaccharides (MOS) are innovative cutting-edge technologies with sufficient scientific evidence of enhancing calf health performance, reducing antibiotic use, and successfully improving calf rearing programs. Coated short-chain fatty acids are guaranteed to reach the lower GIT and stimulate cell activation and proliferation for better nutrient absorption; moreover, they activate the gut cells’ first line of defense, providing mucous-hindering barriers which block pathogens and help prevent invasion infections, while stimulating anti-inflammatory responses. C-SFA has demonstrated anti-inflammatory functions in intestinal epithelial cell lines and play a significant role in intestinal development during earlier life. IgYs are specific antibodies that can be used to avoid infectious agents coming from certain viral, bacterial, or parasitic infestations. They help to reduce diarrhea incidence in calves by adherence inhibition, neutralization, and agglutinating of pathogens. Pathogen-binding and deactivation are also the main modes of action of MOS. Mannan-Oligosaccharides occupy the biding sites on the intestinal pathogens. Harmful gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella use mannos-specific (type-1) fimbriae to attach to and then colonize the intestinal wall. Pathogens that express type-1 fimbriae adsorb to the MOS instead of attaching to intestinal epithelium and, therefore, move through the intestine without colonization assisting calves to attain healthier and intact GI tract epithelium for maximum nutrient absorption.

Tri-Start Jr+ paste (TSJ+P) makes all this easier to accomplish! Each individual dose of TSJ+ paste has a guaranteed viable live count of 20 billion colony forming units (CFU) of naturally occurring microorganisms selected specifically for young calves. Tri-Start Jr+ paste delivers coated short-chain fatty acids that reach the lower GI tract to stimulate cell activation, to optimize absorption, and thickens the mucous in the hind gut making it difficult for pathogens to adhere. Moreover, IgY and MOS technology built into the TSJ+P promotes specific pathogen binding and exclusion to more than 7 highly infectious microorganisms removing them from the GI tract, reducing infection pressure and stimulating the calf’s immune system. In addition, Tri-Start Jr+ is formulated with an additional vitamin pack and selenium yeast.  Stressor factors at the farm such as co-mingling, handling and housing movements, environmental changes, secondary injuries are most likely to lead to oxidative stress and negatively affect calf performance. Give your calves their best chance for their maximum natural growth, while they maneuver through daily challenges by providing a dose of Tri-Start Jr+ paste after colostrum and before anticipated challenges.

Are you a Tri-Start Jr+ believer yet? Are your customers? The science itself is convincing, but we have customer success stories to back it up. Chad Smith, sales manager at COBA, is an avid proponent and is actively getting herds in his Texas Panhandle territory to join the club. His own experience using the product on replacements is what convinced him the product is worthy. “I managed a dairy where we raised 1,500 head in hutches. Every salesman that comes by has magic dust to sell you, but this is the one that actually worked. I’ve seen scour treatments cut drastically, by almost 50% in some cases,” says Chad.

The customers are convinced, too. Chad and SRS specialist Nicole Schuette took a deeper look at the effects of Tri-Start Jr+ on scours treatments and mortality in two herds.

Herds A and B both started using TSJ+P around the same time – in the sweltering Texas summer – and were only using a half dose initially. Once they began using the correct full dose, the change was apparent – scours treatment rates in Herd A dropped from approximately 50% to 26% and took a nosedive in Herd B from 70% to 30%. Death loss also continued to decrease over time in each herd.

Tri-START JR+ can reduce costly treatments and deaths in the replacement herd and can do the same for beef-on-dairy calves. For dairymen retaining their crossbreds to a higher weight, incorporating this product into their protocols will mitigate risks associated with keeping and raising these calves.

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