Designed as a pre and post dip with excellent teat-conditioning power. 4XLA is the ideal dip if you want the killing power of UDDERgold 5-Star (15-20 seconds) but don’t need the barrier. Proven effective against environmental and contagious organisms, including Staph aureus. Replenishes the cow’s natural defenses for fighting mastitis. Very effective against hyperkeratosis.

UDDERgold® 5‐Star

Barrier film, improves environmental mastitis protection. Controls a broad spectrum of bacteria including Mycoplasma species. Glycerin and emollient polymers help improve skin health



EfferCept SG®

An alternative to Iodine that is cost effective at any milk price. This tablet contains all the great properties of EfferCept and SoftGuard in one tablet. Proven effective as a pre/post dip or spray. Kills 99.99% of E. Coli, Staph aureus and other mastitis-causing organisms on contact. Conditions, soothes and protects udders and teats. NPE free. Mix two tablets to one gallon of water.



Improves overall udder health by reducing udder edema. All-natural, antibiotic free, peppermint oil based liniment. Dairy producers report improvements in udder quality and pliability within 12 to 24 hours. For use after freshening, or apply to quarters on cows that show signs of mastitis.

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