Contains a special blend of naturally occurring direct-fed microorganisms, L-form Lactobacillus, microbial sugars, enzymes, and specialized proteins that can be used regardless of the challenges. No antibiotics. Proven safe and effective. Use when calves are lethargic, not eating and overall doing poorly.


Colostrum replacement or supplement for newborn calves. Made from True Bovine Colostrum collected from licensed, U.S. Grade A dairies that are certified bovine tuberculosis-free and bovine brucellosis free. Contains one dose of CONVERT for protection against environmental challenges. Use when maternal bovine colostrum is inadequate


Select BioCycle Showcase Formula™

Concentrated form of BioCycle supplemented with increased enzyme levels and Bacillus, which has been shown to improve calf growth. Contains two separate L-form bacteria that enhance the function and population of the microflora in the lower gut. Showcase also contains both yeast culture and live cell yeast that produce a range of metabolites including B-vitamins, broad based enzyme package, specialized proteins, microbial sugars and potassium iodide. Use for maximizing growth when weaning calves and leading up to shows.

First Day Formula®

A colostrum replacer or supplement for newborn calves. First Day Formula® contains dried, natural bovine colostrum and is fortified with essential vitamins and chelated trace minerals. It is made from high quality whey protein concentrate from select Grade A dairies and is free of organisms causing major colostrum-transmissible diseases, including Johne’s. The instantized ingredients ensure all the packaged contents are mixed to get your calves off to a healthy start. Contains 150 grams IgG per 500- gram package. First Day Formula® Deluxe features the great benefits of First Day Formula® CR with the addition of First Defense Technology™. Use when maternal bovine colostrum is inadequate.

Tri‐Mic WD

A probiotic source for use in whole milk, or milk replacer to improve digestive microflora. Promotes the early establishment of beneficial digestive bacteria necessary for proper digestion of milk and grain diets. Aids in rumen development when transitioning to a dry feed diet. Reduces the occurrence and severity of scours and helps reestablish digestive bacteria following antibiotic treatment, illness or environmental stress.


Tri-Purify is a dietary feed supplement that provides pure, natural essential oils that have a strong antibacterial effect to improve the natural immune system. Combines live, naturally-occurring microorganisms to enhance the environment of the digestive tract. Tri-Purify also contains nutraceuticals, intestinal bacteria and live cell yeast; all of which can attribute to a reduction in the severity and occurrence of scours. Fermentation metabolites, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extract and yeast culture are all present and have shown to improve weight gain and feed efficiency, as well as enhance intestinal microflora.

Tri‐Start Jr.

A direct-fed microbial bolus that benefits both the rumen and intestinal tract of calves. Each capsule has a guaranteed viable (live) count of 20 billion colony forming units of naturally occurring microorganisms. Helps to stimulate feed intake during periods of change. Contains optimal levels of beneficial microbes necessary to jumpstart a calf’s stalled digestive system. Administer bolus during any management-induced stress such as dehorning, shipping or moving, weaning and vaccinations. Use during periods of high stress or as follow up to Tri-Purify.

Calf Accellyte

A complete electrolyte treatment for calves experiencing scours or dehydration. Contains potassium and sodium to replenish electrolytes and restore proper fluid balance. Blended with glycine and citrate to improve electrolyte and water absorption. Added dextrose provides nutritional energy and buffers help minimize metabolic acidosis. Easily mixes with water.

All West Paste Plus

Paste Plus is a direct-fed microbial product that contains live, natural occurring microorganisms. These lactic acid producing bacteria reproduce themselves every 18 to 19 minutes once in the intestine. This is important because most other beneficial, as well as harmful bacteria, reproduce themselves every 25 to 60 minutes.


For decades, Calf-Tel® has set the standard for superior durability and efficiency, making your investment in calf housing systems one that grows with each generation of calves it protects. Calf-Tel® housing can help you improve labor-efficiency, calf health and overall profitability regardless of the size or scope of your operation.


High performance blankets help animals grow quicker and more efficiently. Keeps animals warm and dry, allowing nutrients to be used for growth. Research reveals significant performance gains in calves wearing Woolovers. Made of 70% wool, 30% polyester. Ultra Woolover has a waterproof Emphatex™ outer-shell with original Woolover material underneath.


Provides additional protection to calves during cold weather. Made with our exclusive insulation which wicks moisture away from the calf and provides superior thermal capabilities. The outer shell is made of high-strength polyester with a urethane back, making it water resistant. Machine washable and durable against the harshest conditions. A smooth, quilted liner provides warmth and comfort for the calf. Small fits Jersey calves and large fits Holstein calves. Use when the temperature is 40°F or below.

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