You know one of the greatest things about sporting events is the overwhelming unity you can experience. At any major football game or soccer match, and you’ll find all kinds of fans cheering for the same team and the same outcome.  And if that team wins, EVERYONE celebrates!


I got to thinking about our yearly theme at All West and how it’s very similar.  We kicked off the year with our Annual Meeting and introduced the “We are One” theme.  So far this year, we’ve featured the One All West concept in meetings, advertisements, and on social media through the #oneawss tag.  It sounds good…it’s a fun theme to celebrate…but how does it really tie in with what we (and you!) do every day?


There’s the “standard” way of thinking when it comes to this marketing theme.  From a company perspective, of course we are one company with a single mission to enhance our customers’ success through genetics.  And to do that, we must work as a highly functional team, each bringing our talents to the table to better the dairy and beef operations in our territory.


Beyond that, there’s way more to #oneawss.  For instance, our recent partnership with Accelerated Genetics created quite a stir in the industry.  There was pushback and the expected criticisms of such a move, but the end result is ONE A.I. company in the west that now has more bull power (more cow families to choose from and capitalize on, a really strong Jersey lineup, and a unified voice at World-Wide Sires).  This new venture also added five new members to the All West family – five extremely dedicated and enthusiastic men who have their customers’ best interests in mind, and we’ve added some very cool, very useful and very important products to our All West Pantry.


The #oneawss thinking extends into our new “genetic audit” services which Vice President of U.S. Market Development for Select Sires, Lyle Kruse, talks about in this issue.  All West exists because of your success, and the new way to look at herd data helps you (and us!) analyze, measure and grow that success.  We have genetic specialists on staff that can come to your dairy and go over herd reproductive information, and make suggestions for increased efficiency and faster results.


Just like during a scoring frenzy at a football or soccer game, we’ve also had a bit of a frenzy this year in that there’s been so much going on!  Besides new program updates, new mergers, and new people, we’ve also been busy with daughter tours, technician training, youth events and a rapidly growing beef division.  To use the sports analogy, it feels like we’ve been on our feet cheering so many great things that have happened this year!


And we hope that through it all, you’ve been “in the stands” cheering along with us.  The victories that you experience every day are ones that we celebrate together as #oneawss.  Those victories range from improving preg rates, to showring success, to seeing Select Sires daughters calving in for the second and third times with outstanding results.  We’ve also celebrated victories with you when your elite sons and daughters top sales or make it into A.I.  We celebrate the new bulls coming from our Jerseyland Sires program, and the awesome results some have been seeing with their River Valley daughters.


With your success, and our dedicated & passionate All West team, it’s been a winning combination for over 75 years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!  There’s nothing like a great celebration in the stands as we continue to cheer on the #oneawss team!

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