All West/Select Sires Director, District 23, Turlock, CA – Johnny Machado
All West/Select Sires Delegate, District 23, Turlock, CA – Devin Gioletti

After a mutual role swap at the District 23 meeting and election in Fall 2020, Johnny Machado is the newly elected All West/Select Sires District 23 Director and Devin Gioletti is the All West/Select Sires District 23 Delegate.

Johnny is the dairy producer of Machado Dairy, started in 1970 in Turlock, California. He currently milks 1,200 Holstein cows and hopes to expand his herd to 1,500 cows over the next two years. He and his wife, Maggie, have been married for 11 years and their twin six-year-old daughters, Kenadie and Kaelyn, continue to keep them busy. Aside from dairy farming and raising his girls, Johnny volunteers his time as a member/director of the Turlock Pentecost Association.

Johnny has served in the delegate role since 2015 and has enjoyed learning new information about All West and the industry as a whole in this leadership position, but is looking forward to furthering his involvement by stepping in to the director position.

Devin Gioletti is a fourth-generation dairy farmer, also in Turlock, California, at Robert Gioletti & Sons Inc. where they currently milk several thousand Holstein cows and farm over 1,000 acres. Devin has been an active member of the All West/Select Sires leadership team, serving as a director since 2009. As his responsibilities in the dairy industry have increased, most recently as the President of Western United Dairies, he and Johnny mutually agreed that it was time for Johnny to step up and make important decisions for All West/Select Sires going forward.

Both gentlemen have provided unique perspectives and insight to our leadership team for many years and we are very excited to see them continue to represent Central California as District 23’s Director and Delegate.

Welcome (back) to the team, Machado and Gioletti families!

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