He may be an All West Dairy Program Specialist, but Jeff Cochran is also one of our experienced Beef Sales Representatives! Jeff works in Oregon and Northern California evaluating dairy cows through the Select Mating Service program, doing direct herd sales, and manages quite a few beef breeding projects. We recently caught up with him during this busy season to learn what is in his tank!

I would like to start off by saying, I have a lot of 14AN502 TAHOE and 7AN528 GROWTH FUND in inventory… but I still don’t have enough! I had to order more semen from these two sires last week due to their popularity with my beef customers. 7AN595 MOVIN ON has been a popular bull this year, also.

14AN502 TAHOE has been the top seller for the customers I work with over the past three years. This year, I bred TAHOE heifers on 30-day sync protocols at four different operations. The first thing I noticed was the consistency of the body type on these heifers. Next, I noticed the amount of activity at 70 hours after the Lutalyse shot. It’s great when you show up and 75% of the group is ready to breed!

The bulls we used on the TAHOE progeny were 7AN595 MOVIN ON, 7AN580 HOME TOWN and 7AN466 RAINFALL. All four of these bulls have good maternal Heifer Pregnancy (HP) numbers. The conception rate on these herds just keeps getting better year after year!

GROWTH FUND and RAINFALL were bulls we used heavily last year with great conception and nice calves. Next spring, we’ll start breeding those heifers.

I’m still learning the beef side of genetics and what people and the market want. I try to use the resources available to me, such as talking to and learning from All West Beef team members Clint Sexson, Adrienne Lulay, and Carson Collier. I would like to thank all of them for being available and willingly giving me their advice. Most of all, to my All West  customers, a big THANK YOU!

7AN580 HOME TOWN calves

14AN502 TAHOE calves

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