Here’s a scenario for you.  You’re relaxing at home with the family and suddenly your in-laws show up for dinner.  Quick!  What do you have in the pantry to fix for a meal?  Good thing it’s completely stocked!

While this might be a comical example of stocking your pantry, it does really illustrate our belief that your dairy or ranch needs a well-stocked pantry as well, because you just never know!

Introducing the All West Pantry Facebook page. From calf blankets to BioFresh boluses to DTX to Uddermint, we carry a wide variety of products that can help your herd in many “surprise” situations.  On our brand new Facebook page, we’ll be going through all the “pantry products” so you’ll be well informed of what they can help you with and plan your own stocking accordingly.  We’ll also be talking with people that have used these products to find out how they solved an issue and how well the products worked.

We’ll be working on our All West Pantry page much the same way you’ll be stocking your dairy or ranch, one step at a time.  So be sure to check back frequently for product updates and availability.  And in the meantime, if you have any questions, we’d be glad to answer them for you.  Simply email Product Manager Jamie Peth at or phone 800.426.2697.

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