All great things must come to an end, including legendary careers! Thankfully, once you are an All West Family member, you are part of our team for life! The retirees of All West/Select Sires remain an important part of our cooperative’s rich history, as well as a valuable tool to plan for the future.


In celebration of the All West/Select Sires 80th Anniversary this year, we’re catching up with some of our “All West Legacies” and providing you with an update in the form of their responses to seven simple questions.


We’re kicking off this series with none other than Mr. Bill Genasci!

1. What years were you employed by All West/Select Sires?

“I was hired after serving in several leadership roles for decades as a customer and dairy producer. I first began serving as a delegate on the All West/Select Sires Board of Directors in 1976 and in 1992, I became the first person “west of the Mississippi” to be elected President of Select Sires Inc.. After serving my three-year term in that role, I was officially hired by All West/Select Sires in 1995. I retired several years ago in 2017.”

Bill is pictured on the far right, serving on the All West/Select Sires Board of Directors in 1992.

2. What position(s) did you hold?

“Director of California Operations.”

Bill attending the California State Holstein Show with fellow team members shortly before he retired in 2017.


3. Who is your favorite bull of all time and why?

7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM-ET. Not only did DURHAM produce beautiful cows, he sired the cow who began our dairy’s most impressive cow family.

In 2002, we purchased Markwell Durham Rylee-ET at the International Review sale hosted by Markwell Holsteins. That was the real beginning of the growth in our branches of the Raven family. Rylee’s daughter, Gen-Ace Outside Rylee-ET, was the most prolific egg producer of the family and there were many offspring of hers in our recent herd dispersal.

7HO5157 Regancrest Elton Durham-ET (EX-90-GM)

Markwell Durham Rylee-ET EX-94

4. What was your biggest achievement as part of the All West Family?

“As an employee of All West, I am most proud of playing a role in establishing and recruiting some key groups of our excellent team of technicians. Along with the help from other team members, we recruited several technicians from our competitors to join the All West Family and also acquired great team members when we joined forced with Accelerated Genetics. I am proud of that achievement, because it really is all about the people who serve our customers!”


 5. What is your favorite All West memory?

“It is difficult to separate my memories from my time as a customer, director, and employee, but there are also too many great memories to pick just one! My favorite part of it all is still having lasting friendships from the experience today and reminiscing on how much fun we had over the years.”

Bill and his wife, Susan, at one of the many meetings and conferences they attended together.

6. What keeps you busy these days?

“We just went through the major life change of selling our Gen-Ace Holstein dairy cow herd in a complete dispersal sale on March 18, 2021. We are still busy finishing up the logistics and paperwork as our herd is relocated to their new homes, but once that settles, we are surely going to be kept busy with our grandchildren!”

Jim, Ed, and Bill Genasci welcoming guests to the Gen-Ace Holsteins Complete Dispersal Sale

7. What are you currently looking forward to?

“I am looking forward to spending time with my family, being a full-time grandpa and traveling with my wife, Susan. We are really looking forward to not having to say “no” when invited to travel places and do things. As dairy farmers, we spent many years tied down to the dairy and now, without the responsibility of a career or the dairy business, we are free to seize any opportunities as they arise!”

Bill and Susan Genasci accepting Bill’s All West Legacy Award upon his retirement in 2017, accompanied by their sons and daughter-in-laws.

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