All great things must come to an end, including legendary careers! Thankfully, once you are an All West Family member, you are part of our team for life! The retirees of All West/Select Sires remain an important part of our cooperative’s rich history, as well as a valuable tool to plan for the future.


In celebration of the All West/Select Sires 80th Anniversary this year, we’re catching up with some of our “All West Legacies” and providing you with an update in the form of their responses to seven simple questions.


This month, we visited with Mr. Larry Wilhonen!



1. What years were you employed by All West/Select Sires?

“1991 – 2016”


2. What position(s) did you hold?

“I was hired as a computer programmer and eventually took on the role of payroll administrator.”


 3. Who is your favorite bull of all time?

“I had some Angus cattle of my own and I always liked the bull 7AN100 RR TRAVELER 5204.”


 4. What was your greatest achievement as part of the All West Family?

“My greatest achievement was continuously getting payroll out on time every two weeks and keeping everyone happy with their paychecks.”


 5. What is your favorite All West memory?

“Working with great people was my favorite memory! It was a great group of people and we enjoyed many barbeques and good times together.”


6. What keeps you busy these days?

“We’re just trying to stay cool! Most recently, we made a trip to Las Vegas and then road tripped from there with another recent All West retiree, Pat Brown. We also have a cabin in Eastern Washington that we enjoy visiting for vacation.”


7. What are you currently looking forward to?

“Making it another year to turn 76 next April! Most immediately, I am looking forward to spending time at our cabin once deer hunting season begins in October.”

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