You’ve heard about our Optimal Genetic Pathways (OGP) calculator from our experts in our recent video series, but what are most important are the real results our customers are achieving in their herds thanks to this new, unique tool!

Dairy producer Junior Correia of Gustine, California was looking for a way to “micromanage” his breeding program when he was introduced to our Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator. What he found was that and more… including a way to manage inventory with ease and maximize his income on beef calves.

“I want to look at it even more than quarterly… more like every two weeks when we get our breeding results back because it’s that kind of valuable micromanaging! You can really target where you want to go. It’s a big, big positive in trying to maximize those dollars for my dairy.”

Listen as he describes why he can’t get enough of the useful information that the OGP calculator provides! Watch and Listen>> 

Thank you to All West team members Matt Parreira, Greg Collins, and Brad Barham for making this an extremely valuable service for another satisfied customer! Contact your local All West/Select Sires Representative today to schedule a complimentary Optimal Genetic Pathways evaluation at your own dairy today.


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