You’ve heard about our Optimal Genetic Pathways (OGP) calculator from our experts in our recent video series, but what’s most important are the real results our customers are achieving in their herds thanks to this new, unique tool!

Red Top Jerseys in Chowchilla, California is owned by the Wickstrom and Nyman families and is managed by Chris Terra. The dairy has been in production since April 2007 where they began milking 1,200 cows and currently milk 5,700 registered Jerseys. As the industry has changed and cattle prices have declined, Chris and his team are looking towards the future, specifically, how to create the most efficient inventory of replacements. With the help of the All West team and our Optimal Genetic Pathways Calculator, Red Top Jerseys has been able to come up with solutions to remain profitable in this changing market.

Let Chris Terra of Red Top Jerseys explain his experience with OGP, so far. Watch and Listen>>  He also graciously shared the reasons why he continues to work with us and how members of the All West Family have added value to his business.

Thank you to team members Denis Curtin, Brian Nelson, Greg Collins, and Brad Barham for being true models of the Select Sires Inc. brand promise: Your Success Our Passion!

Contact your local All West/Select Sires Representative to schedule a complimentary Optimal Genetic Pathways evaluation at your own dairy today!

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