You’ve heard about our Optimal Genetic Pathways (OGP) calculator from our experts in our video series, but what are most important are the real results our customers are achieving in their herds thanks to this new, unique tool!


He is still fairly new to our Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator, but dairy producer Paul Beno of Pixley, California is eager to reach the reproductive goals he has set for his herd! Paul describes the first year of using this tool as an “exciting learning experience” and he’s already seeing improvements and results!


Although he admits he was nervous to use sexed semen throughout the summer, his herd experienced their best conception ever! He now predicts that eventually, he will not be using conventional semen in his herd at all.


Paul not only relies on the OGP tool, but more importantly, a team of All West personnel, to help him achieve reproductive success for his herd. Angie Kennedy works with Paul to reach his goals with help from our Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator.


“Angie has made it all really simple for my whole team and the OGP program has been spot-on! I really appreciate her and All West helping us work towards our goal of creating the proper amount of heifers from our herd’s best genetics!”

Listen as he describes how he and the All West team are setting and achieving goals with the help of our OGP calculator! Watch and Listen>>


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