It’s that time of year again when All West looks to add dynamic, forward-thinking people to the Board.  We could tell you all the things that are part of being an All West Board member, but why don’t we focus on telling you what’s NOT part of the deal?


You are NOT expected to forfeit time away from your family every month.  We have ONE Annual Meeting in February, with regular correspondence via email/teleconferencing.


You are NOT expected to beat the bushes and drum up new All West business.  We have a highly dedicated, enthusiastic team that takes pride in servicing our members each & every day.


You are NOT allowed to be a wallflower.  We do require participation in our meetings, which means your thoughts and comments on business matters and company procedures is very much welcomed.


You are NOT allowed to be somber.  While we take our jobs very seriously as part of the All West Board, you will quickly learn that we like to learn and laugh together!


In all seriousness, we are proud of the current All West Board.  Never before have we enjoyed so much interaction, so much thought-provoking discussion, and so much fun.  It’s a great group that needs YOUR input to maintain a healthy financial future, and positive, leading-edge direction for the next 75 years in business.


The following districts will be holding elections this fall, so please watch your mailboxes for details on how to get more involved.  Because the only thing that’s missing from our plan to continue growth and profitability at All West is….YOU!


District 2 – Mt. Vernon, WA

District 5 – Sunnyside, WA

District 15 – Vancouver, WA / Northwest, OR

District 20 – Orland, CA

District 21 – Petaluma, CA

District 23 – Turlock, CA

District 29 – Ferndale, CA


Please enjoy this video of our “year in review” from 2016 that was part of the most recent All West Annual Meeting. And consider getting involved with the west’s leading A.I. company!

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