If you are a member/owner of All West/Select Sires, you’ve got mail! This is your friendly reminder to check your mailbox for one of the 1,350 patronage checks we mailed throughout All West Territory this month.

We are excited to share that these checks totaled $995,000 in patronage payments! In March, we sent out $741,500 in checks, making this our second patronage payment for the year.

Earning profits on qualifying semen purchases, paid back in patronage payments, is just one of the benefits of being a member/owner of our cooperative!

Other benefits include:

* Ability to represent yourself and other producers as a Director or Delegate of the All West Cooperative

Be an owner of the most successful A.I. company on the west coast, that’s celebrating nearly 80 years of business, the entire time being locally owned and operated

* It’s free to join – all you do is fill out a card and start enjoying the privileges of membership!

“The line-up of bulls Select Sires has to offer is second to none, and I love the dividend check every year from a well-run co-op that pays patronage back to its members. Being a member/owner has allowed me to serve on the board of directors, which gives me insight to the operation and direction of our co-op, as well as a sense of ownership that other semen companies don’t offer. What I enjoy most about the cooperative membership is the people; the relationships I have established and the memories I have made.” – Dennis Areias, All West/Select Sires Executive Board Member

Didn’t get your patronage check?

If you’re a customer of All West, you already enjoy the benefits of working with the best team in the business for products, services and programs in the dairy and beef industries, but becoming a member/owner of our cooperatives comes with even more advantages!

Contact your local All West/Select Sires Representative today to see if you qualify to become a member and complete the quick and simple membership process to start receiving these benefits and more as an official All West Family member/owner.

Ready to join?
Call 1-800-426-2697 or email contact@allwestselectsires.com for a membership card!


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