Zoetis’ CLARIFIDE Plus test now includes dairy genetic evaluations for abortion, twinning, milk fever, cystic ovary and cow respiratory disease. These traits are expressed as genomic Standardized Transmitting Abilities (STA) with values centered at 100 and a standard deviation of 5. These genomic predictions for additional fertility and wellness traits provide both Holstein and Jersey breeders with valuable genetic information to increase individual cow performance and overall herd profitability.

Both Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®) and Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) have been adjusted to account for additional traits and recent evaluations from industry research.


Key Points

  • New traits included in the DWP$ formula include cow abortion and twinning for both the Holstein and Jersey breed. Cow respiratory disease and cystic ovaries have been added to Holstein DWP$.
  • Regarding the WT$ formula, cow respiratory joins the existing traits for both Holstein and Jersey variations of the formula.
  • Industry research has offered insight into the impact of specific traits. Feet & Legs Composite and Udder Composite, both indirect predictors of Productive Life, have been removed from DWP$ 2020.
  • Economic values for fat and protein are increased to reflect current and future milk pricing.
  • There is a greater negative economic value for Body Weight Composite (BWC).


In addition to new traits and reformulation of indexes, Zoetis has also updated the genetic base to offer the most valuable genetic predictions.

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