Another rewarding proof day is in the books with 18 daughter proven sires added to the lineups.

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8 of the top 10 sires on HAUSA's proven sire ranking:

No. 1 7HO12165 MONTROSS

No. 2 7HO12266 YODER

No. 4 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE

No. 6 7HO12105 REFLECTOR

No. 7 7HO12198 KINGBOY

No. 8 7HO11752 BOB

No. 9 (tie) 7HO11708 ROOKIE

No. 9 (tie) 7HO11621 MAYFLOWER .


12 Holsteins Graduate:


7HO12266 Yoder / Mogul x Planet x Buckeye No. 2 GTPI proven sire is just one of the things you'll like about him! +2673 GTPI   +845 NM$   +153 CFP   +1.97 T   6.0% SCE   +3.4 SCR
7HO11957 Traynor / Mccutchen x Domain x Planet


7HO11985 Tetris / Supersire x Domain x Planet


7HO12024 Garza / Mogul x Planet x Shottle


7HO12115 Deceiver / Mayfield x Dorcy x Goldwyn


7HO12126 Flores / Petrone x Pronto x Goldwyn


7HO12197 Uptown / Mogul x Super x Shottle


7HO12212 Honeybee / Supersire x Bookem x Shottle *Genomic Type proof


7HO12222 Kian / Mccutchen x Explode x Judd


7HO12248 Superior / Mogul x Planet x Shottle  *Genomic Type proof


250HO12128 Thoreau / Mogul x Domain x Goldwyn


7HO13022 Tatum / Numero Uno x Colby x Fbi +2464 GTPI   +2.57 T   +2.21 UDC   7.2% SCE




7JE1335 Jordache / David x Impuls x Lemvig


7JE1354 Texas / Irwin x Nathan x Morgan +2.0 T   +31.0 JUI   +4.4 SCR




7AY103 Diplomat / Mandarin x Normandin x Charlot


7BS861 GPS / Supreme x Ensign x Jubilation *Limited availability


7GU451 Legend / Grumpy x Nick x Decision


Several exciting Super Samplers are aboard for April including sons of JEDI and MODESTY!


507HO13607 Magictouch / Modesty x Balisto x Numero Uno Over +2800 GTPI and potentially our #1 DWP$ sire


507HO13576 Knight / Jedi x Headway x Galaxy  Transmits high Protein, high Milk and over 2.00 PTAT


7HO13572 Gomes / Jedi x Balisto x Numero Uno Currently +2793 GTPI!
7HO13592 Cam / Jedi x Moonray x Bookem Excellent genetics for the large scale environment


7HO12965 Loco / Sargeon x Supersire x Man-O-Man Provides nice components, high DPR and minimal Stature (+0.76)
7HO12882 Roundrock / Profit x Halogen x Supersire Great health traits (+8.2 PL, +4.7 DPR)


7HO13573 Mannley / Millington x Jacey x Sudan Outcross pedigree, solid Type and extreme WT$


7HO12970 D-Rock / Topgun x Doorman x Man-O-Man Fitness, Wellness, Type, components & 7 generations EX dams
7HO12982 Barcuda-Pp-Red / Jax P*Rc x Numero Uno x O-Style One stop shop for multiple niche genetics


550HO12961 Doc / Kingboy x Mac x Snowman Whoa! Currently +3.97 Type and +117 CFP


7JE1561 JX Thomas {5} / Harris x Renegade x Apprentice BIG time GJPI offering exceptional components

Focusing the Jersey Performance Index on the future

There is a significant shift in JPI values with the implementation of JPI 2017, a revised calculation centered on equipping the Jersey cow for the dairy product market of tomorrow. The change will create a movement similar to a base change with many JPI values declining 15-30%. Reversely, some bulls will get a boost from the new formula and will see their JPI increase. JUI is not affected and although the JPI will be noticeably different, the rankings for young and proven sires will be similar to December's rankings.


AJCA's strategy is to; increase production, improve the density of milk, add cow efficiency through moderating her body weight and continually improve herd life, fertility, udder health and functional conformation.


Emphasis: Current vs. New
Current JPI           JPI 2017
Production                58                   53
Fitness                     42                    47


Additions to JPI:

+ New trait called CFP Milk (JE specific)
+ Body Weight composite used in Merit index modified for Jersey
+ Cow Livability (Liv)

Formula weight reductions were made to pounds of Protein and Productive Life.

YouTube: Jersey Performance Index 2017 Update

The rankings will be key, so please

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Beginning April 4, 2017 the new JPI 2017


What is Jersey's CFP Milk?
• Newly added to JPI formula
• Improves both production and density of milk
• Differentiates the value of each pound of milk
• Target to reach 8.8 lbs. CFP for every 100 lbs. Milk
LBS Milk = CFP/0.88
CFP Milk = PTA Milk - LBS Milk
Value of CFP Milk = -8 x (CFP Milk - SD PTA Milk)

7JE1219 OLIVER-P 1st Lactation group...

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