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New genomic maps, large volumes of actual daughter data and various methodology updates yielded a reshuffling of the genetic deck for the December 2018 sire summaries. Even considering these changes and shifts, Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations genetic lineups are once again loaded with profitable options to meet the breeding goals of all member-owners. In total, eleven Holsteins, sired by seven different bulls, graduated into the daughter-proven lineup. In summary, these sires represent elite production, breed-leading Type, incredible fertility, and include a huge influx of A2A2 Beta Casein carriers.

Three new Jersey graduates bring balanced profiles to the daughter-proven lineup, to meet the demands of today’s breeders and rank well for Cheese Merit (CM$), Jersey Udder IndexTM (JUITM) and daughter pregnancy rate (DPR).

Select Sires continues to recognize the value of daughter-proven sires and their impact on a herd’s genetic plan. Take a look at these lineup additions and a brief highlight of their impressive attributes.

Nothing but the best for success,
– Jeff Ziegler, vice president dairy cattle breeding

Holstein New Graduates

7HO12550 DF Oak FARRIS 135
Altaoak x O-Style x (VG-85-DOM) 7HO8081 PLANET x (EX-91-EX-MS-DOM) Shottle
• Elite production sire with an alternative sire stack
• Excels in Zoetis wellness traits (+160 WT$®)
• Perfect cross on 7HO11314 MOGUL and 7HO12165 MONTROSS bloodlines


7HO12597 Fustead Tango LYLAS-ET
Tango x (VG-87-DOM) MOGUL x (EX-90-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Bolton x (VG-87-GMD-DOM) 7HO6417 O MAN
• New A2A2 graduate that checks all the boxes
• Combines high production (+1,452 Milk), daughter fertility (+2.5 DPR) and favorable calving ease (6.7% SCE)
• Hails from a marvelous cow family with multiple generations of bull dams


7HO12605 Higheransom AZOR-ET
MONTROSS x (VG-87) Numero Uno x Super x (VG-89-EX-MS-DOM) Goldwyn
• Select Sires’ Top-5 for UDC (+2.84)
• Great choice for heifer breeding programs (5.8% SCE)
• Outstanding Metritis resistant scores at both CDCB (+1.5) and Zoetis (104)


7HO12623 Zahbulls Greenway GUMP-ET (VG-86)
7HO12026 GREENWAY x (VG-87-DOM) Supersonic x (GP-83-DOM) Dorcy x (EX-90-EX-MS) Toystory
• Phenomenal Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+4.9 DPR) from the same cow family as 7HO8477 GABOR
• Overall component improver (+112 CFP) and an A2A2 sire
• Sires balanced cows that work well in the Select Mating Service® (SMS®) program


7HO12659 L-L-M-Dairy Pond PASSAT-ET (VG-87)
7HO12021 PONDER x (VG-87) MOGUL x (VG-87-DOM) Jet Stream x (VG-85-DOM) Die-Hard
• An early PONDER son from a highly successful A.I. cow family
• Triple threat sire—elite rankings for NM$ (+868), GTPI® (No. 11, +2667 GTPI) and DWP$® (+1,089)
• Rare combination of high Milk (+1,524) and high combined fat and protein (+141 CFP)
• Daughters are tailor-made for the modern free-stall environment


7HO13244 S-S-I Greenway CREED-ET
GREENWAY x (EX-90) 7HO11367 DADDY x (VG-88-EX-MS-DOM) Dorcy x (VG-85-GMD) Toystory
• Excellent component improver (+0.11% Fat, +0.06% Protein) and our highest new graduate for CFP (+154)
• A2A2 Beta-Casein, AA Kappa-Casein and BB Beta-Lactoglobulin
• Type improver (+2.23 PTAT)
• Semen available in February 2019


7HO13253 S-S-I Tetris Vertex-ET (VG-87)
7HO11985 TETRIS x (VG-89-EX-MS-DOM) 7HO11477 MCCUTCHEN x (VG-88-EX-MS) Super x (EX-90) Goldwyn
• Debuts as a top-30 TPI daughter-proven bull (+2614 GTPI)
• High-milk bull (+2,052) and A2A2
• One of the breed’s best for DWP$ (+931) and NM$ (+791)
• Superior Settler (+2.0 SCR) with more than 20,000 observations


7HO13262 S-S-I Montross PREMIUM-ET (EX-91)
MONTROSS x (VG-86-DOM) Numero Uno x (VG-87-DOM) 7HO10849 SHAMROCK x (VG-86-DOM) Shottle
• Sire stack to improve production, type and health
• Moderates stature while improving strength and rump width
• Sires daughters with extremely well-attached udders (+2.23 UDC)


14HO7603 England-Ammon BURT 1069A-ET
Tango x (EX-90-EX-MS-DOM) Super x (EX-92-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Baxter x (EX-91-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Garrison
• Outstanding new outcross sire with no MOGUL, MONTROSS, JEDI, SUPERSIRE or ROBUST
• Select Sires’ top-15 sires for milk pounds (+1,911)
• Over +2.00 for PTAT and UDC
• Widens rear teat placement


14HO12604 Cookiecutter HERWIN-ET (VG-87)
MONTROSS x (EX-91-2E-EX-MS-DOM) Supersonic x (VG-88-EX-MS-DOM) 14HO4929 MAN-O-MAN x (VG-88-EX-MS-DOM) Goldwyn
• New Top-70 TPI graduate for the Accelerated Genetics product line
• Transmits balanced Type traits (+2.06 PTAT, +2.26 UDC)
• Boosts components (+0.14% Fat, +0.06% Protein, +127 CFP)
• MONTROSS son from the terrific “Halo” family


250HO12589 Cycle Doorman JACOBY-ET (EX-90)
Doorman x (EX-90-EX-MS) 7HO10920 GOLD CHIP x (GP-83) 7HO8058 LION KING x (GP-84) 7HO8223 LAWN BOY P-RED
• JACOBY heifers landed near the top in the show ring, now his milking daughters hit the mark
• Top-5 daughter-proven sire for Type (+3.95 PTAT)
• Sires beautiful udders (+3.30 UDC) with great udder quality as evidenced by his Somatic Cell Score (2.59)
• His EX-90 GOLD CHIP dam is destined to move up in score and lives in a modern free-stall environment

Jersey New Graduates

7JE1484 Clover Patch Dazzler PERRY
Dazzler x (VG-87%) Plus {5} x (VG-88%) 7JE667 JACINTO x (VG-87%) Cruiser
• Balanced production with great components, high CM$ (+516) and A2A2
• Customer satisfaction sire creating profitable, trouble-free daughters
(+1.8 DPR, +1.9 Heifer Conception Rate, +2.3 Cow Conception Rate)


Frontrunner x (E-90%) Impuls x (VG-83%) Rescue x (VG-86%) Mor
• Well-rounded for production and components, BB Kappa-Casein and favorable health traits
• Easy-to-use pedigree
• Good production (+500 Milk) with great CFP (+87) and DPR (+1.8)
• Adds strength, width and shallow udders to go with impressive CM$ (+492)


14JE707 JX Faria Brothers CAMPEONE {3}
Marvel x (EX-91%) 7JE1038 VALENTINO x (EX-92%) 7JE590 ACTION
• Big production pounds (+1,219 Milk) with great Productive Life (+5.9 PL)
• BB Kappa-Casein and A2A2
• Balanced Type (+2.0 PTAT) and an udder improver (+25.4 JUI)

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