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The CowManager® system

We get it. As a farmer, you want to spend your time as efficiently as possible. CowManager makes your life easier. All it takes is 4 simple steps. Put in the ear sensor, install the (solar) router, receive all the data on your PC or smartphone, integrate your cow management system… and you’re ready to go!

This is How We Do It

Ear Sensor. Your cows have an ear for it: accurate information. Our ear revolutionary sensors collect data about your herd’s fertility, health, and nutritional status.

(Solar) Router. Our wireless (solar) routers collect real-time data. All data is transmitted from our ear sensors and collected by routers. These routers can be placed anywhere: in barns, on pastures or in feedlots.

Herd Management System. Our system integrates with more than 40 herd management systems worldwide. When calculating alerts, we use data from both systems. Together we do better!

CowManager makes your life easier

It maintains profit by monitoring your cows’ fertility, health and nutrition with impressive accuracy


Stop guessing your cows’ cycles. With our Fertility Module you always know when to breed. Our ear sensors determine heat intensity and heat stage, so you know exactly which cow is in heat. Maximizing pregnancy rates couldn’t be easier. 


Did you know that when a cow gets an infection, the blood in the ears moves to vital organs? A crucial sign which can save you a lot of problems. Our Health Module provides early disease detection. CowManager cows live longer, produce more milk, are in better shape and perform better.


We get it. Feed is your largest expense. Efficiency is essential when it comes to feed management. Our Nutrition Module gives in-depth insights on cow nutrition and well-being with alerts for heat stress, group health issues, feed intake and transition problems.

Find my Cow

Why spend your precious time looking for alerted cows if a tool can do it for you? The size of your herd doesn’t matter: Find my Cow saves large and smaller businesses a lot of time.

Don’t just take our word for it

Dairy farmers throughout All West Territory manage their herds with CowManager.


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