BioFresh Soluble

BioFresh Plus Soluble is a water dispersible powder that uses the ingredients of BioFresh Bolus as its base ingredients and also contains two additional ingredients: Calcium propionate and Niacin.


When To use BioFresh Plus Soluble
• When experiencing excessive metabolic disorders and at times of stress.
• When considering drenching of fresh cows.


What is in BioFresh Plus Soluble
At 3 ounces per dose for up to 3 consecutive days. Scoop included it contains:

54 grams Calcium propionate
There is a decrease in hypocalcemia (milk fever) when cows are dosed with Calcium propionate at freshening and again 12 hours later.

12 grams Niacin
Which reduces fat mobilization during this Fresh cow period thus preventing ketosis.

19 grams BioFresh
• L-form Lactobacillus, probiotic Enzymes that aid in feed digestion.

• Amylase, that converts starches to sugars.

• Cellulase, that breaks down the fiber fraction of the ration.

• Lipase, that breaks down fat.

• Protease, that converts proteins to amino acids.

• Pectinase, that breaks down pectins which are a complex carbohydrate found in plants.

• Microbial sugars that feed the good “bug” population in the gut and promotes a healthy microflora in times of stress.

• Specialized proteins specific to gram negative challenges.

• Saccharomyces cerevisiae that provides a source of B-vitamins to the rumen microflora aiding in activating the rumen in stress periods,

• Essential Vitamins, & Minerals.

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