Superior barrier film for improved protection against environmental mastitis. The improved Activator acid system has superior germicidal properties that combine lactic acid and mandelic acid to provide superior killing power. This superior formulation is much better than lactic acid alone.

Superior germicidal chemistry for unparalleled protection. Providing more than twelve hours of barrier protection, added germicide is actually entrapped within the barrier matrix. As time goes by between milkings, the barrier is always there to do its job

Extended color longevity for improved teat marking. Improved color longevity once mixed that distinctly marks teats without leaving stains on equipment or floors. Color intensity of mixed product lasts longer than UDDERgold, even under high temperature conditions.

Improved skin conditioning with more glycerin. A combination of four skin conditioners to hydrate skin, as well as emollient polymers to lock moisture in to promote skin health. This leaves softer healthier teats and reduced risk of mastitis.

Patented formula that can’t be matched

UDDERgold ¨ is a registered trademark of Ecolab. All claims, representations and warranties, expressed or implied, are made only by Ecolab, and not by All West/Select Sires.

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