BioFresh Bolus

A super concentrated form of Select BioCycle, BioFresh® Bolus is an individual animal supplement for use during stressful times (freshening, sick, off-feed, etc.). Research conducted at Southern Illinois University proves BioFresh Bolus to be effective in reducing LSCC, days open and services per conception.

Ideal for fresh cows, BioFresh Bolus supplies critical vitamins and minerals to supplement a cow’s variable intake, and aids in immune function by providing L-form Lactobacillus, microbial sugars and specialized proteins. BioFresh Bolus triggers a digestive response from its yeast and enzymes and boosts a cow’s immune system at the highest-stress period in a typical lactation – freshening. BioFresh Bolus is also beneficial to sick and off-feed cows, as it provides necessary nutritional requirements; and can be used as a supplement for treated cows in combating high somatic cell counts.

A combination of digestive enzymes, yeast product and other microbial enhances to improve digestive capacity of ruminants.

BioFresh® Boluses consist of key ingredients including a combination bovine specific yeast product, broad spectrum of digestive enzymes (amylase, protease, cellulase, lipase and pectinase), L-form concentrates of lactobacillus, specialized proteins, microbial sugars, complexes of highly bio-available minerals, vitamins including A, D, E, niacin and other B-vitamins.


BioFresh® Boluses are formulated as a supplement for dairy cattle at the time of freshening and other non-routine conditions. The use rate is one bolus per day for up to three consecutive days.

Ideal for fresh cows
• Formulated to supply critical vitamins and minerals to supplement the cows variable intake.

• Formulated to provide an aid in digestion from L-form Lactobacillus strains, microbial sugars and specialized proteins.

• Added digestive response from yeast and enzymes.

• Freshening is the highest stress period in a typical lactation and dictates success of the lactation. (Example: Mastitis at freshening delays days to first service. Mastitis at time of breeding will double services

High Somatic Cell Counts
• The quality premiums attached to low average herd somatic cell count is critical especially in periods of low milk prices.

• A small group of high somatic cell cows can dramatically increase the average of the herd in the bulk tank.

• The expense involved in replacing those culled animals is now more expensive than ever.

Use as a supplement for treated cows
• Cows being treated for mastitis are challenged from fighting the infection.

• Customers indicate BioFresh® Bolus has shown a positive response in this situation.

• BioFresh® Bolus should not be considered to be a replacement for antibiotics, but rather a nutritional supplement.

Beneficial to sick or “off-feed” cows
• Cows which are off feed will lack from the daily intake of required minerals and vitamins.

• Produces digestive response from yeast and enzymes.

• Sick or “off-feed” cows are most likely challenged.

• BioFresh® Bolus can supplement those necessary nutritional requirements.

Use one Bolus per head per day for up to 3 consecutive days

BioFresh is manufactured for Agrarian Marketing Corporation, Middlebury, IN. All claims,representations and warranties, expressed or implied, are made only by the Agrarian Marketing Corporation, and not by All West/Select Sires.

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