The Perfect Pre & Post Dip… Great Conditioner, Too!

Latest university study confirms 4XLA to be more effective than an iodophor

Experimental Challenge
This latest experimental challenge study has confirmedthat 4XLA Non-Barrier Teat Dip, used pre- and postmilking, provides superior mastitis protection and control to that of iodophores. 4XLA also delivers excellent skin care and conditioning to reduce irritation from teat skin and teat end cracking and chafing.

Head-To-Head Testing
In head-to-head testing (pre/post) against both environmental and contagious mastitis-causing pathogens, cows treated with 4XLA had 58% to 69% fewer new infections than cows treated with a 0.5% iodophor product.

University Tested
The experimental challenge study was performed in the spring of 1998 in a 320-cow, 10-week study comparing 4XLA to both an untreated control and a 0.5% iodophor as a positive control. Strep. uberis was applied pre-milking as an environmental pathogen while Staph. aureus andStrep. ag. were applied post-milking as contagious pathogens. Dipping of teats with 4XLA or an iodophor preceded milking and also followed the post-milking challenge infection.This university-conducted test clearly showed the superior performance of 4XLA compared to an iodophor.

Features and benefits of 4XLA
4XLA is a patented germicidal pre- and postmilking teat dip which is based on acidified sodium chlorite.4XLA contains lactic acid and 5% glycerin which provide teat skin conditioning and softening. The lactic acid component is also the acid activator component to the product. The product is sold as a two-part system: a Base solution of sodium chlorite,and the Activator (lactic acid). For use, the two components are mixed just prior to application to generate the active component, acidified sodium chlorite. This material then undergoes a series of complex reactions to produce mixed oxychlorine oxidants which destroy the mastitis-causing pathogens on the teat skin surface

The key features of 4XLA
Well tested and researched 4XLA has been tested extensively in University trials following NMC recommended protocols under both natural and experimental challenge conditions.

Fast kill of mastitis-causing pathogens
Only fifteen seconds post-contact time is required:4XLA’s unique germicides act much faster than iodophores in pre-milking applications.

Broad spectrum kill
Provides the power and spectrum to be both a pre-and post-milking teat dip for contagious and environmental mastitis-causing pathogens.

Softer teats & superior healing properties
The lactic acid component and glycerin work together to improve teat skin condition and help heal eroded teat ends, cracked skin and abrasions to reduce skin-related mastitis problems. Lactic acid and glycerin are excellent humectants which attract moisture to facilitate skin-improving processes.Likewise, 4XLA is easy on milkers’ hands.

No known residual contamination
Unlike certain iodophor products and all chlorhexidine products, 4XLA is residue safe. This is essential for pre-milking teat dips. The active oxidizing compounds break down into natural compounds found in milk and the environment.

Financial benefits
Improved control of mastitis-causing pathogens leads to better milk production and higher quality milk, which leads to higher premiums, fewer flare-ups and fewer problems due to poor teat condition.

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