Avoid costly mastitis cases and save money
A case of clinical mastitis in the first 30 days of lactation can result in an economic loss of $444 ($128 in direct costs and $316 in indirect costs), including loss of future milk production, premature culling and replacement loss, and future reproductive loss.

Reduce waste milk and keep valuable replacements in the herd
Mastitis is a leading reason for voluntary culling, especially in cows beyond the first lactation. The most common clinical diseases in cows reported by producers is mastitis (24.8 percent of cows)2 . Fewer mastitis cases means less discarded milk and reduced treatment cost in all management systems.

Lower antimicrobial use
Over twenty percent of all lactating dairy cows receive antibiotic therapy for clinical mastitis each year and many cows receive intramammary infusions as they go dry2 . Improving genetic merit for mastitis resistance will reduce use of antimicrobials.

A genetic solution to mastitis resistance
Sires that excel in multiple indicators of mastitis resistance are more likely to deliver genetic improvement. Mastitis ResistantPRO uses a combination of CDCB Mastitis Resistance, CDCB Somatic Cell Score (SCS) and Zoetis Mastitis Resistance genomic evaluations.


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