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April 2022 Sire Summary Highlights 

Holstein Highlights

  • Because mastitis is the most common clinical disease reported in dairy cows and cited as the third most prevalent reason for culling in commercial dairy herds, Select Sires developed the innovative Mastitis ResistantPRO designation. The green Mastitis ResistantPRO icon in Select Sires’ directories and on the website identifies sires that excel in multiple indicators of mastitis resistance. FOXCATCHER, TRY ME, BIG DOLLARS, EMINENT, HARLOW, 14HO14464 REEVE-RED and 250HO14605 TROPIC are included in the group of 11 new Holstein graduates that qualify for the designation.
  • New daughter-proven leaders for Sire Conception Rate include 7HO14132 LIBERTY-P (+3.7 SCR), EMINENT (+3.0) and HARLOW (+2.7). Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) leaders are EMINENT (+2.8), TRY ME (+2.4) and FOXCATCHER (+1.6).
  • Four of the new graduates rank within the industry’s top-50 sires for GTPI® with FOXCATCHER making his debut in the top-10 at +2902. Other GTPI leaders include 7HO14732 MERIDIAN (+2869), HARLOW (+2856) and TRY ME (+2852).
  • LIBERTY-P debuts as a proven Polled sire and an SCR superstar (+3.7), with balanced Type, A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein.
  • The massively popular 7HO14477 WARRIOR-RED graduated and ranks as the No. 1 proven PTAT Red sire at +3.59. Field reports say his milking daughters are standouts in the barn and the showring. 250HO14579 HANCOCK earned his graduation cap with 254 daughters in 125 herds confirming his customer satisfaction status. As the first 250HO12961 DOC son with milking daughters, HANCOCK offers elite Type (+3.60 PTAT) and milk production (+1,275 PTAM). These two Showcase sires also carry the Mastitis ResistantPRO designation and are available with gender SELECTED semen.
  • For production power and high components, farmers should look to BIG DOLLARS (+2,182 PTAM, +127 CFP), 7HO14316 MARKSMAN (+1,690, +134) and FOXCATCHER (+1,481, +142).
  • In addition to WARRIOR-RED, farmers interested in the Red market will be excited for new graduates 250HO14465 RONALD, 7HO14460 CROWN-RED and REEVE-RED. Previously a popular young sire, RONALD is a unique addition as a Red Carrier backed by 12 Excellent dams. CROWN-RED is from a different branch of the Apple tree and one of the highest new Red & Whites for GTPI at +2562. REEVE-RED hails from the Roxy family and combines positive components with a pleasing linear profile and positive fertility.

Proven Holstein Lineup

With the April 2022 sire summary, Select Sires again offers the industry’s most dominant, daughter-proven Holstein sire lineup for genetics and fertility.

  • 14 new Holstein sires graduate to the daughter-proven lineup, with several breed-leaders in the class:
    • Five of the new sires are over +2800 for TPI® with; 7HO14578 FOXCATCHER (+2902 TPI), 7HO14732 MERIDIAN (+2869 TPI), 14HO14587 HARLOW (+2856 TPI), 14HO14636 TRY ME (+2852 TPI) and 7HO14329 EMINENT (+2819 TPI).
    • Two sires rank in the top 25 active proven sires for Net Merit (NM$): ▪ FOXCATCHER (+973 NM$) and 7HO14436 BIG DOLLARS (+932 NM$)
    • Two sires rank in the top ten active proven sires for Herd Health Profit Dollars™ (HHP$™): ▪ FOXCATCHER (+1,044 HHP$) and TRY ME (+1,028 HHP$)
    • Two elite new proven sires for Dairy Wellness Profit Dollars® (DWP$®): ▪ BIG DOLLARS (+1,208 DWP$) and EMINENT (+1,113 DWP$).
    • Eleven of the new sires are designated Mastitis ResistantPRO™, led by: ▪ BIG DOLLARS (2.63 SCS, +4.2 CDCB MAST and 107 Z MAST) and FOXCATCHER (2.64 SCS, +2.0 CDCB MAST and 101 Z MAST).
    • Five new sires over +2.0 Sire Conception Rate (SCR), with two ranking at the top of our proven lineup for SCR: ▪ 7HO14132 LIBERTY-P (+3.7 SCR) and EMINENT (+3.0 SCR).
    • Select Sires will offer the top four proven sires for TPI with 7HO14454 LIONEL (+3172 TPI), 250HO14134 RENEGADE (+3020 TPI), 7HO14229 TAHITI (+2994 TPI) and 7HO14320 ALPHABET (+2944 TPI).
    • Select Sires dominates the top end of Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 TPI Proven Sire list with 30 sires.
    • Select Sires also dominates the 97% Reliability list with 43 of the top 100 sires and eight of the top 15!

Fertility Without Compromise

Select Sires continues to be the source for the best and most diverse genetic selection of sires that excel in fertility for both conventional and gender SELECTED™ semen. When you combine elite genetics with good fertility, no other source provides a greater selection than Select Sires! Select Sires is home to:

  • 17 of the 30 active Holstein proven and young sires that are at or above +2900 TPI and +1.0 SCR
  • 8 of the 16 active Holstein proven and young sires that are at or above +1,000 NM$ and +1.0 SCR
  • 10 of the 22 active Holstein proven and young sires that are at or above +1,000 CM$ and +1.0 SCR
  • 18 of the 24 active Holstein proven and young sires that are at or above +1,000 HHP$ and +1.0 SCR

Jersey Highlights

  • Select Sires offers the most diverse Jersey proven and genomic young sires for Jersey Performance Index™ (JPI™), NM$, Cheese Merit (CM$), CFP, Type and Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™), regardless of generation count.
    • Select Sires offers 17 of the top 100 active proven and young sire Jerseys for JPI and 15 of the top 100 active Jersey sires for CM$. 507JE1930 DABO (+157 GJPI and +713 CM$) and 507JE1985 GEPPETTO {6} (+156 GJPI and +778 CM$) are two of the elite Jersey sires available for both indexes.
    • HHP$ is now available for all active Jersey sires. DABO-P (+801 HHP$) and 7JE1965 BLIZZARD (+756 HHP$) are both breed leaders for Jersey HHP$.
    • On the combined active Jersey proven and genomic young sire list, Select Sires offers 13 of the top 18 sires for SCR!
  • 7JE1726 STARLORD graduates as the No. 1 Craze son in the world. He offers balanced production with +1.8 DPR, +2.0 Livability, A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein. He qualifies for Mastitis ResistantPRO, RobotPRO® and FeedPRO® designations.
  • 14JE1712 JX BUTKUS {4} has a unique pedigree and combines valuable daughter fertility (+0.9 DPR) and Productive Life (+4.0) with A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein. 
  • Both Jersey graduates are available with gender SELECTED semen.

Brown Swiss Highlights

  • Showcase favorite, 7BS905 RAMPAGE, is creating stylish heifers that calve with outstanding mammary systems. He is tremendous for sire fertility and qualifies for the Elite Sexed Fertility designation based on the field performance of his gender SELECTED semen.

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