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Click the video play buttons below to watch the Holstein and Jersey sire summary reviews, from both Select Sires Inc. Sire Analysts and our own All West/Select Sires Representatives.

Holstein Update with Kevin Jorgensen & Rick VerBeek

Jersey Update with Herby Lutz and Marc Bolen

All West All Access – Episode 6 – Holstein – December Sire Summary 2020
Tony DeMello, All West/Select Sires Dairy Program Specialist

All West All Access – Episode 6 – Jersey – December Sire Summary 2020
Brian Nelson, All West/Select Sires Dairy Program Specialist

The December 2020 sire summaries delivered exciting results! These new progeny-proven graduates represent elite industry rankings, balanced genetic profiles, casein specialists and diverse pedigrees. In addition to the seven Holsteins, Select Sires is graduating one breed-leading Ayrshire, an elite Guernsey sire and a tremendous Jersey sire.  As a farmer-owned cooperative and the world’s leading genetic supplier, Select Sires is proud to provide sires that create profitable cattle and exceed even the most discriminating genetic goals. We realize that no single bull, no single breeding philosophy, and no single program could ever fit the needs of our growing customer base. So instead, we provide an expansive lineup of elite genetics. Your Success Our Passion is our brand promise – we live and breathe this sentiment in all we do for our customer-owners, including sire procurement and development. Balanced genetics, healthy cattle and profitable pedigrees are our foundation.


Proven Holstein Lineup:

• Select Sires offers 19 sires above +2700 TPI, with 11 of the top 20 proven TPI sires!
#2 14HO7770 HELIX (2884 TPI)
#3 14HO7796 GRIFF (2865 TPI)
#5 7HO13454 ROCKETFIRE (2834 TPI)
#8 14HO7828 ODIN (2807 TPI)
#10 7HO12886 CANNON (2781 TPI)
#11 7HO12421 MILLINGTON (2775 TPI)
#15 250HO13267 DUKE (2770 TPI)
#16 7HO12819 OUTSIDERS (2765 TPI)
#17 250HO12961 DOC (2760 TPI)
#18 7HO13727 JEFRI (2757 TPI)
#20 250HO13531 TOTEM (2755 TPI)

• 15 active proven sires over +600 NM$
• 15 active proven sires < +700 DWP$ with five proven sires < +800 DWP$
• 21 active proven sires over +1500 Milk
• 17 active proven sires over +1.75 PTAT
• 11 active proven sires over +2.00 UDC
• 22 active proven sires > +1.0 SCR and 10 over +1.5 SCR


Proven Jersey Lineup:

• 13 proven Jersey sires over +75 JPI, nine over +100 JPI
• 10 proven Jersey sires over +350 CM$
• Seven proven Jersey sires > +8.0 JUI and six over +10 JUI
• Eight proven Jersey sires > +1.0 SCR

Top 20 JPI bull list for gen. count 4-6 with BBR 100:
#11 7JE1529 DOORMAN (124 JPI)
#14 7JE1266 DANON-P (121 JPI)
#19 7JE1471 MILTON (117 JPI)

Top 10 JPI bull list for gen. count 2-3 and gen. count 4-6 with BBR 93 and lower:
#1 14JE769 JX STONEY {3}-ET (151 JPI)
#2 7JE1570 JX STEPH {3}-P-ET (111 JPI)
#7 7JE1254 JX JAMMER {4}-ET (92 JPI)
#8 7JE1565 JX PECOS {3} (87 JPI)

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