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Click each video below to watch the Holstein and Jersey Sire Summary Reviews from Select Sires Inc.

Select Sires is home to 3 of the industry’s Top 5 daughter-proven GTPI sires!

April 2023 Sire Summary Highlights

The April class of daughter-proven graduates is exceptional, with diverse pedigrees, trait and index leaders, and genetic giants that will improve the health, wellness and longevity of the next generation. The class includes some of the first proven sons of 250HO14134 RENEGADE and 7HO14229 TAHITI. There’s also unique 7HO13991 NUGENT sons that provide the pedigree diversity that dairy producers request. In addition to the 12 Holstein graduates, five new Jersey sires and one Brown Swiss sire joined the proven ranks.


Holstein Highlights

  • Formulated to support your sustainability goals, Select Sires’ Herd Health Profit Dollars (HHP$) index is designed to create healthier, longer-living cows that reduce your herd turnover while lowering your carbon footprint. New graduates 250HO15152 AHEAD (+1,063), 7HO15097 GRANADA (+1,016), 7HO15112 TAOS (+974), 7HO15085 PARFECT (+960) and 14HO15201 MOONSHINER (+959) are HHP$ superstars.
  • Sires that qualify for the one-of-a-kind Mastitis ResistantPRO® designation, offered exclusively from Select Sires, excel for Zoetis Mastitis Resistance, CDCB Mastitis and Somatic Cell Score. Daughters of Mastitis ResistantPRO sires have the genetic potential to experience less mastitis events – boosting milk quality and saving on treatment costs. 7HO14696 SALSA-RED, 7HO14920 SELECT, 7HO14951 STANNIS, GRANADA and MOONSHINER all qualify for this designation.
  • PARFECT makes his debut on the proven lineup as the breed’s No. 3 GTPI® sire. He started as a leader in Select Sires’ NxGEN® program and today, his daughters are customer satisfaction superstars. PARFECT combines elite GTPI (+3066), PTAT (+2.71), Udder Composite (+2.33 UDC), PTAM (+1,030) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+0.3 DPR).
  • Also ranking among the breed’s best sires for GTPI (+2952) and an all-around profit-boosting sire is MOONSHINER. He combines production, Type and fertility traits to add immense value to a dairy’s operation, including +1,591 PTAM, +1.91 UDC and +0.6 DPR.
  • Early daughters from new graduate 14HO15223 CONWAY possess beautiful udder texture with a very stylish profile. He’s a conformation specialist with double digit component percents, +0.12% Protein and +0.28% Fat.


Showcase Additions

  • SELECT and 7HO15023 ANALYST-RED hail from the most coveted pedigrees in the business and have joined Select Sires’ proven Showcase lineup.
  • Jersey breeders will be excited to see 250JE1778 JOLIN among the new Showcase additions. His daughters are winners in the barn and the show ring. He offers great udder traits, mastitis resistance, A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein.


Jersey Highlights

  • Mastitis ResistantPRO Jersey graduates include 7JE1786 JX CARDIFF {4} and JOLIN.
  • JX CARDIFF {4}, 7JE1788 JX HEIST {6}, 7JE1789 JX CHATHAM {4} and 7JE1792 NAVIDAD {6} are leaders for the Jersey Performance Index (JPI) – all ranking within the breed’s top-16 sires.


Brown Swiss Highlights

  • 7BS914 SKYHIGH is a FertilityPRO® sire that combines powerful milk production (+1,113 PTAM) and high type (+0.6 PTAT, +0.44 UDC).

Source: 04/23 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, AJCA/HA/BSCBA Type Evaluation %Rel: PARFECT PTAT 87, Yield 93, DPR 80; MOONSHINER Yield 92, PTAT 87, DPR 79; CONWAY Yield 95; SKYHIGH Yield 78, PTAT 69. All Jerseys sires are JH1F, JNSF and BBR 100.

Herd Health Profit Dollars, HHP$ and Showcase are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. Jersey Performance Index and JPI are trademarks of the American Jersey Cattle Association. ®Mastitis ResistantPRO, FertilityPRO, NxGEN and Your Success Our Passion. are registered trademarks of Select Sires Inc. TPI is a registered trademark of Holstein Association USA. 7=Select Sires; 14=Accelerated Genetics; 250=GenerVations



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