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August 2023 Sire Summary Highlights

With the August sire summary, Select Sires added eight Holstein and six Jersey sires to the daughter-proven lineup. From fertility to production, health and wellness to favorable type, this graduating class offers producers valuable genetics to achieve their goals.


In tandem with dairy farmers, Select Sires is investing in sustainability initiatives. The farmer-owned cooperative believes that genetic progress equates to greater environmental sustainability and has leveraged the Herd Health Profit Dollars™ (HHP$™) index to support that mission. The index is designed to create healthier, longer-living cows that reduce your herd turnover while lowering your dairy’s carbon footprint. Both Holstein and Jersey graduates possess the traits to help herds improve cow health and efficiency without sacrificing genetic merit or component volume.

Holstein Highlights

  • Each Holstein new graduate offers superior HHP$ rank with 14HO15154 BIGSHOT (+1,076), 7HO15132 MOSCOW (+977) and 7HO14992 LEMUEL (+940) leading the class.
  • Sires that qualify for the one-of-a-kind Mastitis ResistantPRO® designation, offered exclusively from Select Sires, excel for Zoetis Mastitis Resistance, CDCB Mastitis and Somatic Cell Score. Daughters of Mastitis ResistantPRO sires have the genetic potential to experience less mastitis events – boosting milk quality and saving on treatment costs. MOSCOW, 7HO15197 MAGELLAN7HO15238 TAFFOU, BIGSHOT and 250HO15156 CAPTIVATING all qualify for this designation.
  • BIGSHOT makes his daughter proven debut as an index superstar: +2964 GTPI®, +1,076 HHP$, +1,066 DWP$® and +1,001 CM$. He also boasts valuable component production (+152 CFP) combined with tremendous female fertility (+2.1 CCR and +2.1 HCR).
  • LEMUEL is 250HO14134 RENEGADE’s top daughter-proven son for Milk and Protein (+1,996 PTAM, +78 Protein). He ranks well on health and wellness indexes (+1,110 DWP$, +940 HHP$) while improving lameness challenges (104 Lameness).
  • With powerhouse production (+1,253 PTAM), solid components (+118 CFP) and valuable health and wellness traits, MOSCOW is a sire that does it all! In addition to his Mastitis ResistantPRO designation, he qualifies for FertilityPRO®FeedPRO® and GrazingPRO® and is available with gender SELECTED semen.
  • If caseins are important to your sire selection strategy, the following offer A2A2 beta-casein: MOSCOW, MAGELLAN, 7HO15204 MELLENCAMP, TAFFOU, CAPTIVATING and 250HO15211 CAVIAR.

Jersey Highlights

For more information about individual sires, visit www.selectsires.com and use the Advanced Sire Search to locate and sort sires that match your genetic goals. To access sires conveniently on the go, download Select Sires Mobile from your app store today!

Source: 08/23 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, AJCA/HA Type Evaluation %Rel: BIGSHOT Yield 90, CCR 80, HCR 90; LEMUEL Yield 91, Z LAME 53; MOSCOW Yield 93; RECKLESS PTAT 85; CANDYMAN PTAT 90. All Jersey sires are JH1F, JNSF and BBR 100, except DIMITRI-P is JH1C and RENFROW, BULWURX-P and CANDYMAN are JNSC. 7=Select Sires; 14=Accelerated Genetics; 250=GenerVations ™gender SELECTED, Showcase, Herd Health Profit Dollars and HHP$ are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. Jersey Udder Index (JUI) is a trademark of the American Jersey Cattle Association. ®FeedPRO, GrazingPRO, Mastitis ResistantPRO, FertilityPRO, and Your Success Our Passion. are registered trademarks of Select Sires Inc. TPI is a registered trademark of Holstein Association USA. Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$) is a registered trademark of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. All gender SELECTED semen is processed with Ultraplus™ technology. Ultraplus is a trademark of STGen LLC.



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