All West History Project

65 years for History in One Book

In 1941, just two years after the first A.I. organization was established in the U.S., a group of Skagit County, WA dairymen started an A.I. cooperative. Their mission then, remains the same today, after 65 years in the business… “To provide services at a reasonable fee from semen obtained from superior sires and return profit to the members in the form of patronage.”

For all your A.I. needs and other animal health care products contact the undisputed full service leader in the A.I. industry and see how you can share in the profits of the West’s most successful A.I. cooperative.

All West/Select Sires…making a difference.

The Bullhorn Customer Newsletter 

Delivering value to our member/owners is the core of what we do. We spend every day working side-by-side with our customers to help define and achieve value through the building of great and profitable herds of cattle. To do that involves much more than just selling a unit of bull semen. Anybody can do that. It’s what we do above and beyond that unit of semen that differentiates All-West from being just another A.I. company.


All West/Select Sires works harder than ever to be more engaged with the member/owners of this cooperative. Many people have shared they prefer receiving news by email as compared to other methods, and so we have created DiamondCuts. This e-newsletter format gives us some real advantages over other methods of communications, most specifically targeted emailing. We’ll work on developing breed-specific and area-specific versions of DiamondCuts, which will be of more interest to you. We’ll also have a beef version of DiamondCuts that will specifically address the needs and interests of our beef customers.

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