Our highly effective and affordable ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators make a valuable addition to any breeding program. Packing multiple uses, including cattle estrus detection, cycle monitoring, pregnancy indication and embryonic loss identification, our Breeding Indicators are proven to help increase confirmed pregnancy rates.

Cows Heat Detection & TAI

Cows Fixed-Time AI

Heifers Heat Detection TAI

Heifers Fixed-Time AI

Sexed Semen

Heat Detection

Natural Services

Multiple uses for your herd
• Use ESTROTECT™ in your advanced breeding management applications to improve the quality and efficiency of your reproduction program.

High versus low estrus intensity
• If the patch looks the same as when you applied it, the cow has not been mounted and is is not in heat.
• If less than 50% of the indicator is worn off, she is expressing low estrus intensity and is less likely to become pregnant.
• If more than 50% is rubbed off, she is expressing high estrus intensity and ready to breed and is more likely to become pregnant.

Pregnancy indication
• The indicator offers a simple and accurate method of pregnancy indication by attaching the patch after breeding.
If there are no signs of activity following breeding, the female is assumed pregnant.

Determine heifer cyclicity
• Determine whether replacements are ready to breed by applying the indicator one month before breeding starts to monitor whether they are cycling. 50% of heifers expressing estrus is expected.

Timing natural service
• The indicator isn’t just for artificial insemination (AI) herds. If you’re using natural service, you can apply patches to determine when the herd is cycling and better time your bull turnout. Once your bull begins servicing, you then can apply a patch to indicate pregnancy. Pinpoints breeding time for increased pregnancy rates
• Precisely determine when the breeding protocol should be started by monitoring the Breeding Indicator and determining how much has been rubbed off, helping deliver more calves earlier in the calving season. 

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