ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators are economic, easy-to-use and highly effective heat detection aids.

Over 50 million ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors
have been used worldwide
Supported by university research
Over a decade in the marketplace
Only need to apply once per breeding cycle
Available in five fluorescent colors


Apply Once per Cycle.  Alternative tail paints and paint sticks must be applied or touched up daily.

Detect Advancing Heat.  Other detectors are activated by one mount, sometimes as little as 3 seconds. ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors minimize “false positives” due to a product design that rubs off over time.

Heat Detection Economics.  Failing to detect heat and/or incorrect detection of estrus can result in significant economic losses. Missing a heat cycle may cost anywhere from $42-to-$126 for an individual cow*. At approximately $1.30 per ESTROTECT™ Heat Detector patch, the economics show the value of a heat detection aid that works.

*Based on the average cost of a day open for beef cattle ($2 per day) and dairy cows ($6 per day).

Heat Detection Tips

Heat detection requires thorough observation regardless of which aid you choose to use. To help ensure success, follow these tips.

Observe cows for 30 minutes twice a day, early in the morning and early in the evening. Consider observations at noon when mounting activity is high.
Observe cows away from the feed bunk.
Hot weather, high production, crowded conditions or high stress environments may discourage mounting activity. Adjust your observations accordingly.
Cows in standing heat average about 1.5 mounts per hour and are in heat 6-8 hours.
Cows may be willing to mount others even though neither may stand for a mount.
Cows in pre-heat may bawl, be restless or sniff or lick other cattle.


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