Genetic Strategies to Maximize Profit

ProfitMAX helps customers better achieve long-term profitability from future herd replacements and improve short-term cash flow by increasing the value of extra calves to be sold to the beef market.

Dairy farmers are increasing efficiencies and driving genetic progress through ProfitMAX consultations. The process begins with genetic and reproductive audits to identify challenges and opportunities within the herd. The resulting genetic strategies often include mating lower-value genetic merit herdmates to elite beef sires. While these genetic strategies can add a revenue source, the use of elite beef sires and appropriate rearing protocols for dairy x beef crossbred calves are both essential components to yield a quality end-product, as well as enhance their market value. That’s where Select Sires’ ProfitSOURCE program fits in the model.

-Identify areas to increase profitability

-Determine proper herd inventories

-Increase profi ts from lower-value genetics

-Create elite replacements from your best genetics

-Improve short-term cash flow

ProfitSOURCE sires can significantly impact your herd’s bottom line by increasing the revenue from your lower genetic value females. Select Sires’ ProfitSOURCE sires have been selected for crossbreeding on Holsteins and Jerseys. These sires excel for calving ease, growth performance and carcass merit while offering elite fertility to maximize reproductive performance. The lineup of ProfitSOURCE sires includes elite terminal beef bulls designed to meet specific genetic criteria.

Angus sires:
• Top 30 percent of the breed for five of the six EPD traits related to growth and carcass merit: Weaning Weight (WW), Yearling Weight (YW), Carcass Weight (CW), Marbling (Marb.), Ribeye Area (RE) and $Angus x Holstein or $Angus x Jersey.

• Top 55 percent of the breed for Calving Ease

• Top 50 percent of the breed for Residual Average Daily Gain (RADG)

• Bottom 70 percent of the breed for Yearling Height (YH)

Angus – $Angus x Holstein Index ($AxH) and $Angus x Jersey Index ($AxJ)  are bioeconomic indexes expressed in dollars per head. Each represents the expected average difference in future beef x dairy progeny value when compared to progeny of other Angus sires if randomly mated to Holstein or Jersey cows and calves are exposed to the same environment.

Simmental, Charolais and Limousin sires:

• Top 50 percent of their respective breed for both Calving Ease and Terminal Index. The Terminal Index combines traits for growth, gain and end-product merit into one index. Using above-average sires for Terminal Index means your resulting calves will perform well and earn premiums at harvest. Using ProfitSOURCE sires gives you the best opportunity to realize additional revenues from calves who hit or exceed market targets.

Simmental – Terminal Index (TI): evaluates the merit of sires where all offspring (both male and female) are fed and sold on a carcass grade and yield basis.

Charolais – Terminal Sire Index (TSI): represents a dollar index per terminal progeny produced from a bull in the Charolais database, ranking them for profi t potential.

Limousin – Mainstream Terminal Index ($MTI): measures differences in expected profit per carcass produced on a mainstream grid (yield grade 1 or 2, Select to low-Choice quality grade, and no over- or under-weights or dark cutters).

Fertility Without Compromise

Select Sires has earned a reputation for having the most fertile semen in the A.I. industry. Our fertility advantage is consistently validated with each dairy sire summary by the national Sire Conception Rate (SCR) fertility comparisons. SCR is a third-party summary of pregnancy check validated data, summarized and published by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB).

Fertility Verified Sires

While Select Sires’ beef bulls don’t accumulate nearly the number of conception records accumulated by our Holstein and Jersey sires, beef semen is evaluated through the same lab and held to the same rigorous standards as our dairy semen. Using conception data along with quality control evaluations, beef sires designated as Fertility Verified have been field tested and achieved Select Sires’ industry-leading quality standards.

®ProfitMAX and Your Success Our Passion. are registered trademarks of Select Sires Inc., ™ProfitSOURCE is a trademark of Select Sires Inc.

Getting Started with ProfitMAX

 Complete a Genetic Audit

ProfitMAX provides reproductive and genetic audits from the dairy operation’s herd management software program to help you better understand the current cow and heifer benchmarks for reproductive efficiency and genetic levels and identify genetic opportunities to attain future goals. Select Sires’ reproductive and genetic specialists will provide an audit of your cow and heifer inventory using the Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator to project the correct number of replacements needed to meet the goals you have set for your herd’s future.

Achieve Goals, Maximize Profits

Select Sires professionals will help you determine the best combination of elite sires with conventional semen, sex-sorted semen, or embryos to generate the most profitable replacements to reach your goals. Beef semen may be used on lower genetic value animals to create higher-value feeder calves, increasing short-term cash flow.

Increase Cash Flow

ProfitMAX features Angus, Simmental and Limousin sires specifically selected for crossbreeding on Holsteins and Jerseys. Their offspring excel in daily gain and carcass merit, while providing calving ease. All ProfitMAX beef sires offer elite fertility to maximize reproductive performance.


Commitment Behind ProfitMAX

One of the most critical aspects of our ProfitMAX program is our highly trained, professional specialists and technicians. Our team members partake in comprehensive, on-farm training backed by years of reproductive experience in the A.I. industry. Our mission is to help you, our customer-owners succeed. We work hard to ensure breeding solutions are designed to maximize your profits.

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ProfitMAX is a trademark of Select Sires Inc.

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