Select DTX™

Proven effective in neutralizing damaging effects of mold related challenges. Feed when ingredients are moldy, or mycotoxins are suspect; when symptoms of mycotoxicosis are present and when feed assays show the presence of multiple toxins or when one toxin in particular is high. Contains specific L-form Lactobacillus. More shelf-life stable than other products. Proprietary technology allows activation once consumed. Use when symptoms are present and feed assays show problems.

Select BioCycle Plus™

The most often chosen product, offering the benefits of both DTX and BioCycle in one convenient, less costly package. Producers feeding BioCycle Plus reported reduced SCC, improved reproductive performance, increased digestive capacity and improved general health. More shelf-life stable than other products. Proprietary technology allows activation once consumed. Use when metabolic diseases and toxin challenges are present.


Select BioCycle™

Aids in boosting immune function, digestion and fights environmental challenges. Producers report increased estrus expression and improved feed intake. Contains two types of L-form Lactobacillus, two sources of yeast, four digestive enzymes, microbial sugars and specialized proteins. Recommended when performance improvements are needed in reproduction, and overall herd health. Not appropriate when mold-related challenges are the major problem.


Bovine Accellyte II®

A specialized electrolyte for periods of stress, rehydration and prehydration. Contains electrolytes to replace those lost during stress, energy to provide an added boost when needed most, minerals needed to compensate for deficiencies from reduced feed intakes and vitamins necessary for life. Can be used as a drench, added directly into stock tanks or individual water feedings. It can also be dry-mixed into feeds for group or herd application.

Tri‐Start Bolus

An encapsulated, highly concentrated source of rumen-specific microbes in bolus form. Each capsule has a guaranteed viable count of 100 billion colony forming units (CFU). Tri-Start enhances the rumen environment to improve digestive performance and repopulate rumen microflora after periods of stress. Contains lactic acid bacteria, live cell yeast and fungal ex tracts. Use when cows are entering and leaving the sick pen.

Tri Mic 1:50

Improve feed intake and feed utilization for maximum production and reproductive performance. Uses patented methods of stabilization and packaging to ensure live, viable and fast-acting microbes for maximum performance.

Freshen Up

Fresh cow protocol to be administered immediately after calving to reduce the incidence of milk fever, retained placenta and ketosis. Contains a proactive combination of multiple sources of calcium, electrolytes and energy. Unlike other products, Freshen Up contains palatable ingredients so it can be used as a drench or offered free choice. Contains four different sources of Calcium to give fresh cows the boost they need right away, as well as a timed-release of Calcium.

BioFresh® Plus Soluble

A complete electrolyte treatment for calves experiencing scours or dehydration. Contains potassium and sodium to replenish electrolytes and restore proper fluid balance. Blended with glycine and citrate to improve electrolyte and water absorption. Added dextrose provides nutritional energy and buffers help minimize metabolic acidosis. Easily mixes with water.

BioFresh® Bolus

Gets fresh cows on feed faster reducing potential metabolic disorders and DAs. Proven effective in reducing SCC by boosting immune function of cows affected with environmental challenges. 8x dose of BioCycle with added vitamins and minerals. Ideal for fresh cows, supplies critical vitamins and minerals.

Vink Hiplift

Helps save cows that can’t stand. With proper use it will not cause bruising around the hipbone and is easily adjusted.

Vink Calfpuller

Makes difficult deliveries easy. Double action puller with unique rump frame encircles the rear of the cow making it impossible for the frame to slip away. Constructed of stainless steel to ensure long, trouble-free service.


Intra Uterine Flush – use in a prophylactic program. Has a prolonged residual effect, requires no rinsing. Will not irritate the uterine lining, no milk withdrawal, nontoxic, food safe, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive. All-natural of organic origin.

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