During Summer Heat:
– Improve Dry Matter Intake
– Maintain Reproductive Efficiency
– Maximize milk & butterfat production

During the summer months, milk production drops right along with reproductive efficiency. Cows are less mobile, they get to the bunk less and their dry matter intake decreases. Milk production drops of 6 to 10 pounds per cow are normal.

While these production and breeding difficulties costs range from $175 to $200 per cow, losses of several hundred dollars are common. These feeding and management changes should be made to alleviate the negative effect of summer heat stress.

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Select BioCycle Feed Supplements
The methods by which feeds are being produced, stored and fed lead to a new set of challenges for dairy producers. Feedstuffs are commonly high in moisture and are often the product of no till or low till agronomy. High production and confined environments place cattle under stress. Combined, these changes create an optimum opportunity for debilitation from molds and their harmful secondary metabolites, mycotoxins. Improperly prepared or maintained silage pits, silage bags, commodity storage bins, feeding equipment and feed bunks add to the problem.

Symptoms of molds and mycotoxins are: sporadic diarrhea, erratic feed consumption, reduced milk production, high somatic cell counts, weak heats, subnormal conception rates, morbidity and even mortality.

In addition to managing for the reduction of mold growth, dairymen should incorporate Select Bio Cycle, Select DTX or Select Bio Cycle Plus into their feeding programs. Select’s Bio Cycle Program, Select DTX, Select Bio Cycle, or Select Bio Cycle Plus when used properly, improves every feeding program. Choose the appropriate product to ensure maximum benefit and profitability.

Debilitated by Molds?
Use Select DTX when feed products have high levels of molds, when tests show significant levels of mycotoxins and when cows seem to be debilitated by molds and their harmful metabolites. When moldy feed products are gone and/or when problems disappear, switch to Select Bio Cycle.

Reproductive Health is Off & Production is Down?
Choose Select Bio Cycle when heats are weak, breeding performance is off, somatic cell counts are high and milk production is below expectations. Use when mycotoxin levels are low.

Select Bio Cycle is a unique direct-fed microbial feed ingredient. It incorporates bovine specific live-cell yeast, digestive enzymes, L-form bacteria, specialized proteins, concentrated microbial sugars and other ingredients to support every cow, every day.

Both Production and Mold-Driven Problems?
Bio Cycle Plus is a combination of Select DTX and Select Bio Cycle. Use it when a combination of production and mold-driven problems plague the herd. Bio Cycle Plus is the product of choice when dairymen are feeding lower quality forages and are experiencing inconsistent manure, higher than normal somatic cell counts and problems with estrous expression and breeding.

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