We’re happy to inform you that district elections for your All West/Select Sires Cooperative have successfully been completed this fall!

Each of our 21 districts operate on a three-year rotation. This year, nine districts were up for re-election. The election process was done through mail for six of those districts, saving the cooperative valuable expenses.

The three in-person meetings included delicious meals, great conversation, official elections, and a presentation by All West/Select Sires General Manager, Jim Wells. Jim provided our member/owners with semen sales figures, patronage payment amounts, and discussed industry trends including Beef on Dairy and the rise of sexed semen use. Most importantly, All West staff reminded guests that “All West Cooperative exists to enhance member/owner’s success through genetics”. As the only farmer-owned cooperative in the artificial insemination industry, we are proud to serve you, our loyal member/owners!

We’re happy to report that the following member/owners earned the Director and Delegate positions for their respective districts through either the mail-in ballot or in-person election process.

District #1:

Director: Rolf Veening (T J Veenacre Farms in Lynden, WA)     

Delegate: Jonathon DeJong (Eaglemill Farms LLC in Lynden, WA)


District #4:

To be determined – Mail-in ballot in process.


District #10:

Director: Paul Golob (Golob Farms, LLC in Granger, WA)

Delegate: Jason Prins (Jon Prins Dairy in Granger, WA)


District #12:

Director: Chad Martin (Martin Dairy, LLC in Tillamook, OR)

Delegate: Eddie Gomes (Gomes Jerseys in Tillamook, OR)


District #18:

Director: Frank Ausman (Dairy of Ozz, Inc. in Nyssa, OR)

Delegate: vacant


District #22:

Director: Michael Dotinga (Hilltop Holsteins in Oakdale, CA)     

Delegate: Justin Borges (Manuel & Jeanette Borges, Inc in Stockton, CA)


District #24:

Director: Jonathon DeGroot (Generations Dairy in Kerman, CA)  

Delegate: Corey Zonneveld (Zonneveld Dairies Inc in Laton, CA)


District #28:

Director: Dennis Areias (Den-K Holsteins Inc in Los Banos, CA)

Delegate: Tony Lopes (Tony Lopes Dairy LP in Gustine, CA)


District #30:

Director: Jace Leal (Manuel C Leal & Son Dairy in Tulare, CA)

Delegate: Mike Santos (Terra Linda Dairy in Tulare, CA)

We feel confident that these representatives will uphold their responsibilities. We encourage you to talk with them about any concerns, ideas, or questions you may have regarding your All West Cooperative. We’re expecting great things from our new Director and Delegate leadership group in the coming year.

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