Typically, All West All Star events are held throughout All West Territory in the summer months to recognize the achievements of our dedicated team in the current year. These special gatherings allow us to visit with our fellow team members and their guests, while celebrating each other’s individual success, as well as the success of our cooperative as a whole… and of course, there is always plenty of good food and great conversation included!

Due to COVID-19, we were unable to gather for those events, but still wanted to recognize our All West family members who excelled even through the challenges that this unprecedented year presented us all. The All West leadership team decided to bring the All West All Star celebration to all in the form of a virtual recognition video! Although we miss meeting in-person, this unique experience allowed for the entire All West Family to witness the achievements of team members throughout All West Territory, not just those who they are familiar with in their local territory. The video features each award recipient, an explanation of the award, and a special message from a fellow colleague who admires their hard work!

We hope you enjoy the presentation as much as we enjoyed producing it for you! Above all, we truly thank each and every team member for making 2020 a success!

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