7AN691 EZAR STEP UP 9178

  • STEP UP is a true beef sire! He enters our lineup as a semi-proven sire that has already made his mark in many Angus production sales across the country. His first crop of heifer calves were top sellers from coast to coast in the fall of 2022. Expect to see many top selling sons from STEP UP in 2023.
  • He has a rare combination of traits breeders are desperately searching for. He exhibits excellent foot quality with extra heel depth while still ranking in the top 2% of the breed for Marbling.
  • Step Up is a good structured, wide based, deep bodied sire with extra width of top and muscle expression. He stands on a big solid foot and has that masculine herd sire look breeders admire.
  • STEP UP consistently sires stout made, high performance, eye appealing cattle while adding foot quality and end-product merit. Take a “Step Up” in your breeding program.


  • BRUNSWICK was the Lot #1 and high selling bull at the 2022 T-Bone Angus Sale in Nebraska.
  • He is moderate framed with lots of rib shape and muscle
  • A modest Calving Ease bull with elite Maternal Value, Docility, and Marbling
  • Sired by the popular Sterling Pacific, has excellent phenotype, high $M and $C Indexes, and provides outcross mating flexibility.


  • STATESMAN is one of the most talked about new sires in the Angus breed.
  • He has a fresh pedigree for Select Sires with exceptional mating flexibility. He will complement 7AN528GROWTH FUND and 7AN580 HOME TOWN females from both a phenotype and EPD perspective.
  • STATESMAN is the sire of choice if you like elite index values, big spread and high phenotype.
  • He checks all the boxes by offering breed leading HP, Marbling and excellent foot scores.
  • STATESMAN is a sire that should work in high elevation programs with a PAP EPD in the top 3% of the breed


  • New to Select Sires for 2023!
  • While touring this summer, GRAND CANYON jumped onto our radar. Sired by the popular Select Sires great, RAINFALL, GRAND CANYON offers the stunning phenotype and power that we have come to expect from Schaff Angus Valley.
  • GRAND CANYON offspring will impress in his first sale season. They are easy to pick out for their added dimension, power, and presence.
  • Look for GRAND CANYON to improve foot quality and add depth, muscle, and breed character to your calf crop.


  • This is the Manifest son Ned and Jan chose to keep and use at NJW – with good reason!
  • We wish you could see this bull – he’s one of the most complete sires we’ve have – of any breed
  • Solid data across the board with a distinct focus – to make the best Hereford cows possible

      7SM133 TJ GOLD STRIKE 506J

      • 3/4 Simmental
      • Lot 1 and feature bull of the 2022 Triangle J sale, GOLD STRIKE was our selection to be the next step forward from his popular sire, TJ Gold.
      • GOLD STIKE offers extra base width, depth of body and overall stoutness while maintaining his flexibility and fluid movement.
      • Balanced – GOLD STRIKE offers 10 traits in the Top 10% or better.
      • His dam is outstanding and is also the sire of TJ Chief. Her outcross pedigree and GOLD STRIKE’s flexibility as a ¾ Simmental, make mating options almost endless!
      • He is seeing heavy use in purebred programs including Trauernicht Simmentals and Triangle J Ranch.

      7SM138 CDI/NF HONOR GUARD 267H

      • HONOR GUARD is an exciting new red addition to Select Sires for 2023 entering as a semi-proven sire!
      • Check out his data set, it is hard to find a hole! He has a great balance of calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass, highlighted by a top 1% ranking for STAY and top 2% ranking for API.
      • Look at his support photos! HONOR GUARD’s first calf crop is very attractive and correct, offering confidence in the type and kind he will create.
      • HONOR GUARD is very sound and athletic with extremely good foot quality and is a must-use sire for red enthusiasts!
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