Brad Barham

…we thought you’d never ask!

Our partners from Tremont, IL, have had an exciting year so far.  Check out the latest update provided by Genomic & Sales Coordinator, Brad Barham!

We at River Valley are proud to deliver diverse and profitable genetics for any breeding goals – Elite production, Elite Show type, or even a combination of both.  Here are a few of our highlights.

7JE5040 FLASH is a perfect example of elite production without sacrificing type.  His unique sire stack of CHARLEMAGNE x EX 90 JUPITER x EX 90 IATOLA provides breeders with a bull they can use on a multitude of today’s genomic market.  The best thing however is what he brings to the table. . . The ONLY HR bull with over 18 JUI and 45 lbs of protein. . . what more do you need?  Use him in a FLASH!!

7JE5015 SHOWDOWN:  One of the hottest show bulls on the market today. . . and he’s available and very fertile SEXED!  Showdown is creating an incredibly balanced profile on his offspring with the added style coming from his mother EX 95 mother, South Mountain Voltage SPICE.  The perfect bull to be used back on today’s show type sires like TEQUILA, HIRED GUN, MINISTER, and many more.



Coming soon. . .

7JE5046 BANDIT and 7JE5047 BULLET. . . The commercial market today has been begging for bulls that can do all the production with improved productive life and fertility.  Well here they come!  These two full brothers by unique sire, CHISEL, each offer over 175 JPI, 80 CFP (with positive % for each trait), positive DPR, over 5 PL, and over 20 JUI.  Let BANDIT and BULLET go to work in your herds very soon!

For more information on the complete lineup of River Valley sires, including daughter pictures, a very helpful “how to use this bull” feature, and pricing, visit


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