By now you’ve hopefully talked to your All West representative, watched our Facebook and Instagram pages and/or checked out the All West website to find out the latest proof information.  If not, we’ll be highlighting that in the August edition of the Bullhorn, so make sure you check it out!

In the meantime, we thought it was pretty cool to have five AWESOME reasons to feel like #1 this time, and we wanted to talk about those reasons just a little more.

Feeling like #1 in RED
Select Sires is home to the #1 GTPI Red bull in the industry – 7HO12344 RAGER-RED.  Ranked at #35 for overall GTPI, this bull is a surprising combination of traits:
2568 GTPI
116 CFP (and plus on components)
1.0 SCR
2.2 DPR
104 mastitis resistance

Sire analyst Rick Verbeek says daughters are “above average in frame and depth of rib.  This premier red bull is also extremely popular internationally.”

From three generations of VG and EX dams, RAGER-RED highlights one of the premier red families at Ri-Val-Re Holsteins in Michigan.  Sired by Relief P, RAGER’s dam is Ri-Val-Re Obsrvr Salsa (VG-88) who completed a 4-year-old record of 4-05 2x 297d 29,041 5.3 1543 3.1 913.  The second dam is Ri-Val-Re Adv Win-Go-Red (EX-90), who has a similar 4-year-old record of 4-00 2x 305d 29,740 4.0 1197 3.1 908.  The third dam is Ri-Val-Re Ranger Redwing-Red, scored VG-88 GMD-DOM.

Daughter of 7HO12344 RAGER-RED River Dale Rager Trudy-Red (VG-85)
River Dale Holsteins, St. Jacobs, ON, Canada

Daughter of 7HO12344 RAGER-RED Tiger-Lily Rager Clover-Red
Karley Marshman, Oxford, NY

Feeling like #1 in POLLED
We are fortunate enough to top the polled industry list with 7HO14160 LUSTER-P.  An A2A2 bull, LUSTER-P is a Zipit-P son from an 82-point Kingboy x 90 Supersire x 87 Lawnboy.  As his pedigree would suggest, LUSTER-P daughters will be tall and open, with great rear udders, and in fact, he’s designated as a RobotPro sire.   This polled sensation writes a great proof with:
.11F and .04P

Feeling like #1 in WELLNESS
For many people, the wellness traits have played a small role in breeding decisions, but with each passing proof round, more and more are turning their attention to this group of highly beneficial proof measurements.  Topping the industry list for Wellness Trait dollars (WT$) is 14HO14193 WHINO.  This Frazzled son ranks an impressive 265 WT$ and 1251 DWP$.  Look at his breakdowns for individual rankings:
110 mastitis
104 lameness
111 metritis
106 retained placenta
112 ketosis
53 CW$
110 calf scours
108 calf livability

And more incredible than that, he’s also plus on components, 1604M, 920NM$ and 2.9 DPR.  He’s also over a point for type, udder composite, and foot & leg composite.  Besides having a Select Sires influence on the top side of his pedigree, he’s got it on the bottom side as well, as his dam is an 85-point Damaris with 2-03 2x 365d 33,200 3.7 1233 3.2 1077.

WHINO has been listed on the short-supply list, so please be patient when ordering!

For a full explanation of Wellness Traits, including how to interpret all the numbers, please see the attached article.

More on WT$
The 7H Wellness Trait lineup is topped by an outcross option, 7HO12556 PAGEONE.  From a Mogul dam who is EX-90, DOM and has over 35,000M and over 1000 pounds each of fat and protein at 3-11, PAGEONE scores 252 for WT$ and 1043 for DWP$.  His individual rankings are:
110 mastitis
114 metritis
108 retained placenta
112 ketosis
66 CW$
110 calf scours
108 calf livability

PAGEONE offers a great calving ease (4.6) option for those looking to lower SCC (2.58), while improving SCR (1.6).  As sire analyst Mark Kerndt says, PAGEONE is also “a great choice for breeders looking to lower the size of their cows, as he’s -.52 for stature, yet doesn’t give up any of his great udder traits.”

Daughter of 7HO12556 PAGEONE Jobo 7832
JoBo Farm LLC, Gettysburg, PA

Feeling like #1 in CHEESE MERIT
There are all kinds of ways to talk about the Jersey Revolution after this proof round, with 7JE5004 CHROME and 14JE704 CALVIN {4} making it into the Top 5 JPI sires in the breed!  But we wanted to talk a little about Cheese Merit dollars, especially since so many of our All West customers are directly involved in creamery ownership throughout the region.

The #1 CM$ registered bull at Select Sires is 7JE5069 CHEDDAR.  Another outstanding graduate of our River Valley partnership program, CHEDDAR is a Rising Temp son from a VG-87% Hilario daughter with 1-11 3x 305d 21,690M 5.1 1106 3.4 744.  The next two dams are an EX-90% Legal and a VG-86% Legacy.

CHEDDAR tops the CM$ at 660 and incredibly enough, he went up 10 JPI points from the April proofs to land at 187JPI.  This RobotPRO and FeedPRO sire is also high fertility at 0.2SCR and improves the bottomline in actual production with 1455M .07F and .05P.  In addition, he’s an A2A2 sire, and with the recent announcement that Wal-Mart stores will be carrying A2 milk in the future, we think it’s a great time to focus in on the A2A2 bulls in our lineup.

Leading the Select Sires list in the non-registered list is 7JE1642 UR KYRIE with a CM$ of 674.  Sired by Eusebio {4}, KYRIE is from an EX-92% Action dam who completed her latest record of 7-11 2x 305d 29,240 4.5 1309 3.5 1032.

Don’t let his registry status fool you, this bull is one to look at with 198 JPI points, 2.4T, 144CFP and an outstanding SCR of 2.2.

Feeling like #1 in CFP
It’s no surprise that the CFP$ value of 192 tops the Select Sires list for cheese merit bulls!  And it’s great to highlight the 250 product lineup with this same sire, 250HO13267 DUKE.  At 2454M, 831NM$ and 846CM$, this Montross son is stealing the production show!  And he does all this without compromising on fertility (2.1 SCR and 0.3 DPR) or TPI (2710 GTPI) or type (2.02).  These all add up to earning him RobotPRO, Superior Settler and FeedPRO designations.  A word of caution though, as his calving ease is fairly high so you’ll want to shy away from using him on heifers.

DUKE has maternal roots in All West territory as his third day is none other than Roylane Shot Mindy 2079 (VG-86 DOM), bred by the Roylance family of Moses Lake, Washington.  DUKE’s dam is a VG-85 DOM Supersire preceded by a GP-80 DOM Snowman.

250HO13267 S-S-I Montross DUKE-ET (EX-90)

We could highlight bulls all day but wanted to touch on just a few that might be of special interest to you.  We’re excited about the variety of breed-leading sire choices we can provide with our Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations lineups, and more importantly during this challenging economy, we’re excited to provide sire choices that will create solid, profitable long-term investments in the future of your dairy.

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