Next week we will debut our new proof & price list cover that will feature a theme of “Chain reactions.”  We thought it was an appropriate tagline this time, because so much of what we do in the dairy industry sets off a chain reaction.  We sometimes don’t pay close enough attention, and before we know it, one quick decision can change a lot of things in a hurry.  Things like forgetting to close the gate after a pen gets milked will definitely put into motion a series of negative chain reactions.  Or not moving the irrigation lines before the chopper gets to the field could also lead to a negative chain reaction.

But at All West, we believe our jobs promote great chain reactions, set in motion by our office staff, our salesmen, our talented technicians and our program evaluators.  You may think it’s a simple choice to select Accelerated Genetics/Genervations/Select Sires semen from your All West representative, but with that selection comes industry-leading fertility, that will help your cows get pregnant earlier, that will decrease your days open, that will put more money in your pocket.

Or you might think it’s a simple choice to select that “All West guy” to breed your cows, but with that selection comes a highly trained, dependable individual who’s continually learning and improving his skills and one who is also backed by an entire team of All West employees.  That group includes talented people in accounting and distribution, SMS and SRS evaluators, and some pretty great communications people too.

You might also say that a quick decision to have your herd evaluated by an SRS specialist is just a simple thing, but the training that our team does with your employees on breeding techniques, or the management issues they find while walking through your dairy, can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

This issue of DiamondCuts includes real-life examples of how decisions made today can significantly impact business tomorrow.  For instance, Washington dairyman Kelly Callahan knows that the one decision he made to try CowManager has set into motion a series of chain reactions that have helped his crew at home be more efficient.  We have also included in this issue some quick surveys from our team members about what they are seeing in the field.  Their expertise and first-hand knowledge of what’s working best can definitely set off a chain reaction of good breeding decisions that result in even greater cows for your herd in years to come.

One phone call.  One straw of semen.  One minute to listen to our team of salespeople and technicians.  One breeding.  One decision to use All West services, products or programs is sure to set in motion a genetic chain reaction that you’ll enjoy for generations to come.

Karen A. Knutsen
Director of Marketing & Communications
All West/Select Sires

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