7AN460 CROUTHAMEL PROTOCOL 3022 17570263

CCC Merritt 030 son out of a Rocking R Rimrock 701 dam
From Raymond & Son Inc., OR and Crouthamel Cattle Co., WA

◊ One of the most exciting finds of the fall, he should be part of your protocol for breeding season


◊ Imagine the mating flexibility his pedigree and EPD profile provides!


◊ You will love his phenotype too-moderate, big middle, great footed, with lots of shape and dimension


◊ Check out his combination of CED, DOC, $W and $B!


◊ One of the most uniquely bred, high marbling and maternal sires in the breed


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PROTOCOL has been one of our most asked about bulls this spring.

Clint Sexson, Beef Specialist for All West Select Sires shared these thoughts with us. – For many of you, you are finalizing your mating decisions for spring breeding. Coupled with an outstanding number profile, CROUTHAMEL PROTOCOL 3022 offers great flexibility to mate across a wide variety of females. His foot size and freedom of movement only compliment the extra volume and substance he shows in the video. His first daughters have beautiful udder structure and teat quality. Make PROTOCOL part of your spring plans and order today!

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