As 7HO12165 Bacon-Hill MONTROSS-ET (EX-92-GM) approaches his eighth birthday, Select Sires welcomes him to the millionaire club. MONTROSS has made a tremendous impact on the Holstein breed, ranking as the No. 1 TPI sire twice and holding a spot within the industry’s top-10 for three additional sire summary runs.

MONTROSS hails from a tremendous herd in Schuylerville, New York. Select Sires is very grateful to work with the Peck family at Welcome-Stock Farm and their partners in the Bacon-Hill Prefix, Tom Kugler and Jim Copper. With nearly 30,000 daughters in his proof, MONTROSS has been extremely influential in milk yield and protein improvement for the breed.

“He’s a bull that really modernized the Holstein cow with moderate stature, tremendous depth, width, strength and power,” said Rick VerBeek, senior Holstein sire analyst at Select Sires. “His daughters convert that strength into production performance and make milk with ease. MONTROSS is a bull that has significantly changed a lot of herds.”

In the international market, MONTROSS has garnered great attention with sales in more than 30 countries. He has been extremely popular in Italy, Spain, Poland, Japan and Korea, as well as both North and South America.

“Since his genomic release, MONTROSS has delivered extreme milk production and sound udders – traits that are critical to dairymen worldwide,” said Scott Ruby, vice president of sales and marketing at World Wide Sires. “As MONTROSS daughters began milking, reports from the field exceeded our expectations.”

Today, MONTROSS remains in the active, progeny proven lineup and is available with gender SELECTED semen. He’s also the sire of 250HO13267 DUKE, a rising star on the proven TPI list with the stamp of customer-satisfaction.

®Source: 08/20 HAUSA TPI List

®TPI is a registered trademark of Holstein Association USA. gender SELECTED is a trademark of Select Sires Inc. All gender SELECTED semen is processed using SexedULTRA technology. SexedULTRA is a trademark of Inguran LLC.

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