Sales from 2019 show that 7JE5004 River Valley Cece CHROME-ET topped another semen sales record by more than 20,800 units. In 2018, CHROME surpassed the Jersey breed unit sales records previously held by 7JE1219 OLIVER-P in 2017 and 9JE202 ROCKET since 2005. These new reports put CHROME ahead of 7JE254 BERRETTA {6} as No. 3 for lifetime unit sales. Additionally, CHROME ranks as the fifth highest selling bull among all dairy breeds at Select Sires.

According to Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle breeding, “CHROME’s most recent record personifies our cooperative’s investment in Jersey sire development.”

CHROME has been a high-ranking performer on the Jersey Performance IndexTM (JPITM) and Jersey Udder IndexTM (JUITM) lists for multiple sire evaluations and has garnered attention from Jersey enthusiasts around the globe. The most recent evaluation included 2,207 daughters from 338 herds in four countries. Known as a true customer-satisfaction sire, his daughters are outstanding performers in the milking herd, improving with every lactation and adding incredible genetic value. CHROME boasts +1,215 Milk, +109 Combined Fat and Protein, +$572 Cheese Merit, +185 GJPI and +33.4 JUI.

“In my travels and discussions with dairymen, it is clear that CHROME sires profitable cattle with great mammary systems, correct feet and legs and the ability to milk,” says Herby Lutz, Jersey development manager.

CHROME’s impact on the Jersey breed is substantial and his influence continues with progeny like 7JE5041 JX TRIUMPH {5} and 7JE5042 JX TYRANT {5} — both recent daughter-proven graduates with elite JPI rankings. CHROME, JX TRIUMPH {5} and JX TYRANT {5} were bred by River Valley Farm in Tremont, Ill. and Select Sires is very grateful to work with breeders to create the next generation of Jersey genetics.


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