I absolutely love the All West Paste or “AWP”!  I swear by it.  It’s the only paste we use here.  It is actually part of are protocol for any sick calves over a month of age.  The only reason I do not use AWP in younger calves is because its rare for me to have a sick calf under a month of age that is sick with something other than scours.  With scours we have a separate protocol that works well for us.  When a calf is struggling to consume enough grain we give them 4cc in the mouth and continue the 4cc orally for three to five days.  By day five we usually see improvement in grain and water consumption.  It should be noted that we use the All West Paste in conjunction with a long term antibiotic like Draxxin or Nuflor along with three to five days of Banamine (Prevail).  We have been using this protocol for both mild and extreme cases of pneumonia.

I personally have seen first hand the benefits of using the All West Paste Plus.  It’s like a missing puzzle piece for any protocol (for calves that are consuming more dry food than milk).  You have the antibiotics working on fighting whatever is inflicting the calf but the All West Paste helps the bugs in their stomach to work properly increasing their want to eat.  If you can get that calf eating regularly as soon as possible the better off and stronger that calf will be with minimum weight loss.  The All West Paste helps get that calf up and eating in no time.  I also give a one time 4cc oral dose of AWP to calves the day we wean them off milk completely to keep them interested in the grain.

Before settling on AWP we had gone through a series of other ” Probiotic” or “Charcoal” pastes but nothing that significantly helped the calves with consuming more grain and drinking more.  Looking back at our calf health records today it looks like we started using AWP May of 2017, based on a recommendation from All West Salesman J.R. Fisher.  So we are going on almost 9 months of using this product and I don’t see that changing as we look to the future.  I would recommend the All West Paste to anyone that has any calves that struggle with the weaning process or any calves that have a hard time keeping up with their rations compared to other calves in their weight and age group.  Also since its a paste it is super easy to add to any protocol.


Taryn Martin, Martin Dairy LLC, Calf Health Manager


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