In a rapidly changing dairy industry, we know you have many questions. Among other things, you may be wondering, how do I create the most efficient products in my breeding program to improve genetics and maximize revenue?

Our Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator, along with the guidance of the All West team, is helping dairy producers throughout the nation answer tough questions like this, and has changed the way dairies use semen and manage their herd inventory.

We’ve introduced you to several of our Genetic Consultants to learn more about our newest complimentary services in our recent video series. You should now know what our Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator is, but if you have yet to take advantage of the tool, you are probably still wondering how it works.

All West California Sales Manager Brad Barham is here to give you an exclusive look in to what an actual presentation of our Optimal Genetic Pathways tool looks like to dairy producers. Watch and Learn>>

 When All West’s Greg Collins first started designing the Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator in collaboration with other specialists, team member Brad Barham’s biggest concern was, “How are we going to effectively present all of this data to dairymen?” As the tool developed, the team quickly realized they were going to have to make this data calculator as live as possible.

Brad Barham is one of several members of our team who now specializes in interpreting the herd data given to our Genetic Consultants, and then presents it to dairy producers in the form of interactive presentations.

“We wanted it to be a tool that we could sit down with a dairyman and a computer, and click and change the strategy right before their eyes to show them results based off of their herd demographics, their conception rates, and their data at that time. As we began to use the tool, we were very excited to get positive feedback from dairymen who were happy with it. We have found that they enjoy the process as much as we do. It’s a real deep dive in to not just the breeding strategy and genetics, but in to many aspects of their dairy,” said Brad.

The Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator is intended to help producers evaluate their breeding strategy and how they operate their inventory. “If you’re working with us, we already know you’re using good genetics, but this tool allows us to determine where to place those investments and how to then operate to maximize your gains and revenue, whether that includes using conventional semen, sexed semen, beef semen, embryos or a unique mix of all!”

Watch the video above to catch a glimpse of what dairy producers are shown from the data they provide when using the OGP calculator. If you are interested in taking advantage of this new genetic consulting tool and service, simply contact your All West Representative today!

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