Select Sires Beef Staff Brian House, Ryan Bodenhausen, Sandra Utter, and Lorna Marshall took time to show the group a variety of Angus sires at the September 2022 Sales Conference in Plain City Ohio.

– High seller and crowd favorite at the 2020 National Western Angus Bull Sale

– Blends a sought-after pedigree with incredible growth and carcass projections and an eye-catching look

– REGIMENT starts with high rankings for a lengthy list of highly desired traits including high $Combined

– This bull will see heavy demand. His blend of phenotype, performance and pedigree ranks him among the breed’s best!

– The most prominent 7AN528 GROWTH FUND son to date!

– Named for his ability to combine phenotype with the right amount of growth in a functional frame size. His tremendous EPD profile offers calving ease, growth, marbling, and superior $Values.

– His dam has established herself as one of the breed’s best donors for propagating marbling as she holds an ultrasound progeny record of 58@113 for IMF and 57@102 for UREA. She has 26 daughters in production with 39 progeny combining for an average weaning ratio of 102

– Lot 1 and high-selling bull from Hinkle’s Prime Cut Angus this spring. VERACIOUS is a 7AN433 IDENTIFIED son out of a 7AN361 SUNRISE dam.

– VERACIOUS offers sought-after outcross genes for big-time carcass improvement – no other Angus bull touches his trifecta of CW, Marb and REA.

– Plus, he’s backed by an incredible SUNRISE cow who has written an impressive story in her own right.

– Many elite Angus operation are using him as a flush sire this spring!

– Provides a wealth of genetic goodness built from proven sires and strong cow families.

– Loaded with customer satisfaction standouts – TAHOE, NIAGARA and PROPHET

– Moderate for size, thick and attractive, SILVERADO starts with incredible foot score EPDs along with high rankings for growth, $Maternal and $Combined.

– Tahoe is arguably one of the most complete Angus bulls in the breed.

– Ranks in the top 1 percent of the breed for CED and top 10 percent for WW and YW all while adding body, fleshing ability and base width.

– Check out his maternal greatness ranking in the top 2 percent of the breed for $W and top 15 percent for HP, DOC and CEM

– Use to reduce mature size without sacrificing performance

– He will improve MARB and REA while adding eye-appeal, dimension and improving feet and udders

– Few sires can match his combination of Calving Ease, performance, maternal traits and carcass merit all while improving type and longevity

– Super Calving Ease son of TAHOE from an outstanding 2-year-old dam

– Lines up solid EPDs for both Claw and Angle for a ‘step in the right direction.’

– WOLVERINE offers incredible projections for both $Energy and $Maternal.

– Moderate for size with a massive rib design, incredible soundness and above-average muscle shape

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