Kevin Jorgensen, Senior Holstein Sire Analyst, Select Sires, Inc

Hi to all my friends in the west!, I hope this finds you well and that spring is finally arriving…it cannot come soon enough in the Midwest! April Sire summaries will be here before we know it and we look forward to sharing that data with you. As a sire team, we’ve been out all winter visiting many farms and I wanted to give you a few updates on daughters that we are seeing.

7HO12788 FRAZZLED will add very little data in April but the outstanding news is that what we are seeing is extremely promising. I’ve had the chance to see 13 milking in my travels and they are consistently better-uddered than his sire and they are balanced cows that cross so well to many of the Select Sires bloodlines, particularly Mogul and his sons. FRAZZLED will add some set to the rear leg and as I mentioned, have great udders that are well above the hock and look like they will be efficient, trouble-free cows. Many of his sons are our current genomic superstars and his influence in the breed will be massive! It has been nice to see that his earliest daughters mirror his current information.

250HO13267 DUKE was added to the proven ranks in 2018 and moved right to the top of the charts. More breeders continue to tell me how much they love their Duke daughters! He is one of the highest production sires in the breed at over +2500 Milk and +200 Combined Fat and Protein. His daughters are the best of Montross and Supersire. They are a bit more correct in leg set than the Montross’ and are better-uddered than the Supersires. Jordan Siemers just took a trip to the east coast and his favorite daughter group was the Duke daughters. That mirrors Jordan’s trip to Canada last fall when he came away with the same favorites. We feel that Duke is a game changer and we are using grandsons of him as a sire father already. Don’t miss out on him!

 7HO12602 HANG-TIME may be Montross’ most complete son. He checks nearly every box as he is A2A2, BB Kappa Casein, calving ease, +2.74 UDC and an extreme component improver. His daughters have just continued to get better and better from early lactation to now near the end of their first lactation. I love cows that continue to improve and that definitely is the case with Hang-Time. Jeff Ziegler has been visiting several farms in Ohio and many producers continue to rave about their Hang-Time daughters.

7HO12236 BAYONET daughters continue to get better now with several in second lactation. His Shamrock dam was one of the best cows ever at Steve Buscher’s in Ohio. They are beautifully-uddered cows with a great combination of dairy strength and ideal feet and legs. Additionally, he is an A2A2 sire. Bayonet is destined to be a customer satisfaction specialist.

 7HO12587 DIAMONDBACK is the proven king of the Showcase Selections program. We are so pleased by all the positive comments from breeders across the country about how much they like the daughters. Apparently, the classifiers like them as well, as Diamondback sired three VG-89 two-year olds in February 2019. His udder composite continues to improve as he adds more data and is currently +3.16 UDC. His daughters define balance and that seems to be what more and more high type customers are asking for and Diamondback is delivering. Whether they are Red & White or Black & White, the Diamondback daughters are easy to spot in a corral of cows as they are beautiful uddered and just the right hint of style that make them eye-catching. There will be a lot of blue ribbons attached to Diamondbacks this spring and many smiles of young people leading them.

On behalf of the entire sire team, thank you again for your support of All-West Select Sires and we look forward to seeing you in our travels!

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