All West Independent Beef Sales Representatives and customers alike have been sharing their awesome breeding results with us. Take a look at what has been recently seen around All West Territory!

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It’s Independent Beef Sales Representative Adrienne Lulay’s favorite time of year – checking the new crop of Select Sires calves at Dynamite Farms in Oregon. Their big brothers and sisters sell this Saturday at the Rock’n D Bull Sale in Junction City.

It’s hard not to stare at these attractive 14SM3101 FULLY LOADED heifer calves, each with a splash of chrome! This photo was shared with us by All West Professional A.I. Technician Pat Wolf at E&S Cattle in Pomeroy, Washington.

This beautiful cow is Select Sires bred for generations! She is a 7AN463 PLAYBOOK x 7AN379 ALL IN x 7AN368 COMRADE. Owner of Dynamite Farms, Donald Fleckenstein, says her 7AN466 RAINFALL heifer from last year is a keeper, too!

It’s calving time at Bartell Farm in Imbler, Oregon! These little ones were sired by 9CH99 FREE RIDE! Thank you for sharing!

How neat is this?! Kyle Caires shared impressive harvest data from grass-finished  7AN466 RAINFALL  progeny in All West Territory’s Maui, Hawaii! In his words, RAINFALL provides “an excellent combination of carcass quality, yield and tenderness traits” Check it out!

Please find below a summary of’ carcass results and representative images from grass finished steers (n—4) sired by S A V Rainfall 6846 coming off pasture on Maui, Hawaii. Congratulations on offering an Angus sire that provides an excellent combination of carcass quality, yield and tenderness traits. HCW(lbs.) = 632,   BF (in) = 0.42,   REA (sq. in.) = 10.9,   KPH (%) = 2.5%,   Lean Color = Cherry Red,   Lean Texture = Fine,   Lean Firmness = Firm,   Marbling Texture = Fine,   Yield Grade = 2.96,   Quality Grade = Choice, WBSF (kg) = 3.96

Independent Beef Sales Representative, Adrienne Lulay, shared photos of these handsome 7AN368 COMRADE yearling bulls and said, “His sons just never disappoint me! They are moderate with good carcass traits and make amazing females too. He is an “oldie but a goodie” and we will see his influence for years to come.” Thanks for sharing, Adrienne!

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